Anarchy Reigns Teaser Is All Sexy Sound And Fury

Anarchy Reigns Teaser Is All Sexy Sound And Fury

The first teaser trailer for PlatinumGames online multiplayer brawler Anarchy Reigns might not tell us much about the game, but with pulse-pounding music and the flash of deadly weapons it’s sure giving off a sexy vibe.

Yesterday Sega and PlatinumGames gave the online multiplayer brawler previously known as Max Anarchy a proper name: Anarchy Reigns. Along with the name we were treated to some striking screens featuring a group of very distinctive characters, most notably Jack from PlatinumGames’ Wii hack and slasher MadWorld.

Now we get the briefest of glimpses of those characters in action, accompanied by a song that I found extremely catch in a rap-meets-rock sort of way. I’ve been trying to find out the song and band, but I keep coming up empty-handed.

Anarchy Reigns is due out later this year for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. What do you folks think so far?

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