Are You Ready For Some Big Playstation News?

It's going to be a long day and a long night especially if you have any interest in the future of the Playstation Portable.

Although the subject of Sony's big press conference tonight is still officially a mystery, all signs point to the unveiling of the next Playstation Portable.

Way back last year we were being told that the new portable from Sony would be getting a January unveiling, and along comes this event. Good thing we have Ash in Japan, because he's going to be covering it for us live. Liveblogging the news from a conference that we're told is completely video free.

What's the big deal about the Playstation Portable 2? For one thing it could be the first big portable to include two thumbsticks, something even the fancy 3D-sporting 3DS from Nintendo doesn't offer. Here's a full run down of everything we currently know and suspect about the PSP 2. I'll wait while you read it.

Pretty exciting isn't it?

Of course, there's always the possibility, since this will be an hour and a half long press conference being put on by Sony Computer Entertainment's big brother, Sony, that they could stray into the realm of other things. Things like the PSP Phone. We have no reading on that, but who know's anything is possible.

What we do know is that we'll be there live, covering the show from the front row of Sony's biggest news conference of 2011... so far. ;)

Stop by and follow along. I've listed our kick off times and when the pressers start below in a variety of time zones.

Check In and Liveblog Kick Off

Kotaku Time: 9:30 p.m., Jan 26

East Coast: 11:30 p.m., Jan. 26

West Coast: 8:30 p.m., Jan 26

Japan: 1:30 p.m., Jan. 27

England: 4:30 a.m., Jan 27

Australia: 3:30 p.m., Jan. 27

Presser Set to Start

Kotaku Time: 11 p.m., Jan 26

East Coast: 1 a.m., Jan. 27

West Coast: 10 p.m., Jan 26

Japan: 3 p.m., Jan. 27

England: 6 a.m., Jan 27

Australia: 5 p.m., Jan. 27

Until then tell us what you think will be happening tonight at Sony's big press conference.

What Will Be Happening With Sony Tonight?customer surveys

Another big question? If a new Playstation Portable is announced, what will they be telling us? My money is on just going over the features and a few games. Maybe they'll give us a window for the launch, but I think the hard numbers will hit at E3.

What do you think?


    Good thing Australia only has one time zone - it makes things so much simpler :P

      this did make me lol!

      I presume coz there always seems to be a bias to the eastern states that the Australia start times are for Vic and Nsw?

        You should be grateful they ever mentioned Australian time. Sometimes they forget, and just leave a time without any qualification about what or where it is.

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