Aren't You A Little Short For A 3DS Cable?

You've probably already seen the Nintendo 3DS. And if you've missed that, have a look right here. But what about the rest of the items packaged with the Nintendo 3DS? Have a look right here.

Here is the Nintendo 3DS cradle, AR cards, SD card and battery charger. The cable seems a tad short.

Kotaku is following up with Nintendo to make sure this is a Photoshop tragedy and not an inadequate cable length one.

Releasing on February 26 in Japan, the Nintendo 3DS comes bundled with a charger stand (above), an AC adaptor, a 10cm Nintendo 3DS touch pen, a 2GB SD card, six augmented reality cards as well as instruction booklets.

ニンテンドー3DSのパッケージやセット内容の写真が公開—【ニンテンドー3DS体験会】 [ファミ通.com]


    Sorry if I have missed the memo, but has it been confirmed yet whether the 3DS will be region locked?

    If it does have region locking, to what extent is it?

      Id be expecting the same region locking they has as the DSi right now.. Anything bought on the 3DS channel or whatever it will be called will be region locked. Games should be fine.

      I would be surprised to see Nintendo start region locking the games out.. BUT I am not crossing it out yet.

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