At Least This Guy’s Excited About Mark Wahlberg In Uncharted

At Least This Guy’s Excited About Mark Wahlberg In Uncharted

The popular choice for the role of Uncharted‘s Nathan Drake keeps things classy on Twitter, weighing in on the unexpected casting of Mark Wahlberg as the charismatic, half-tucked treasure hunter in the big screen adaptation.


  • When roles are chosen by audience pull rather than for who suits the role

    IMO wahlberg is the complete wrong choice I don’t see him pulling it off I reckon we’re gonna end up with a majorly gun splosion driven movie

    The fact is fillion already basically is Nathan drake

    • People said that about Ryan Reynolds when he was doing Two Guys and a Girl though.

      If he gets the right role, I’m sure he could do the higher grade stuff.

      • Yeah they label them as b grade actor but the issue is until they get stole that can have them breakout there stuck there and because there b grade actors. They don’t get that role all that often because the studio would rather go with the big name on the poster regardless of it’s the best person for the job

      • Since he got nominated for an Oscar and did movies with Paul Thomas Anderson, David O’Russell, Martin Scorsese, Tim Burton and Peter Jackson.

  • Lots of actors have ‘mad skills’, but many of them would be just as unsuited to the role of Nate Drake as Wahlberg is. Still, props to Fillion for being his usual gracious self.

  • i’m really not looking forward to this movie, for a game that i loved the most because of it’s excellent dialogue and voice actors, it really doesn’t seem right having other people play the characters

  • It Should be Joe Flanigan from stargate atlantis, he sounds like drake (i thought it was), looks like him and has the same manarisms as him.

    • I thought Flanigan would be good as well until I watched Nate Fillion on Firefly and now I’m convinced Nate should play Nate Drake.

      Either would be better than Wahlberg.

  • Wahlberg isn’t my biggest issue (though yes, I would much prefer Fillion, he seems to fit the role so much more). Fillion’s right, he wasn’t bad in The Other Guys. It’s the movie’s script I have a problem with.

  • Urgh Fillion is a terrible actor, and the only reason people stupidly want him in the part is because he has the same name. Really it’s just people wanting to complain and finding the stupidest of reasons to.

    • Actually, the fact that he happens to have the same name has NOTHING to do with the reasons behind people wanting him in the role. If Marky Mark was named Natey Nate, people still wouldn’t want him in the role.

      The reason people want Nathan Fillion in the role is because is the kind of actor who COULD play Drake well. He has the mannerisms downpat, he looks like the character, sounds like the character, and has played semi-rougish characters like Drake before, and quite successfully. The fanbases between video games and a lot of Fillion’s previous work cross over quite a bit as well. I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.

      Oh, and Mark Wahlberg? Starred in the horrendous Max Payne film, and was one of the major reasons behind it being so horrible. Nuff said.

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