Australian Video Games Sector To Grow By 11.9% in 2011

According to Business Information Analysts IBISWorld the Video Games industry is set to grow by 11.9% ($433.85m) throughout 2011, making it one of the sectors to watch this year.

According to IBISWorld, only the Organic Fruit industry will see more growth!

“Older gamers are maintaining their interest at the same time as new gamers embrace industry products as a fresh form of entertainment with female gamers opening up additional avenues for revenue as a burgeoning new audience,” claimed BISWorld Australian General Manager Robert Bryant.

In the context of John Riccitiello's statements about Digital overtaking Retail, this is an interesting prediction. Australian game development appears to be receding, and retail is (apparently) struggling in the face of mass importing - is it possible that the majority of this growth will come via digital distribution?

Regardless, it would appear to be a pretty solid prediction. The 3DS will probably make a difference at retail, as will solid sales of Kinect and (to a lesser extent) Move, but we think that Mobile gaming will see another year of rapidly increasing growth, with the iPad leading the charge, particularly with the presumed release of the next generation iPad early this year.

What do you guys think? Do you expect the games industry to grow throughout 2011?

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    Was this estimate done before or after the PS3's copy protection system had its chastity violated a week or two back?

    Good. Maybe we will finally get a video game design course in Adelaide.

      It'd be a minor miracle to NOT have to move to pursue that dream!

    Maybe a mature classification to help it, too?

    "Australian game development appears to be receding"


      I to am saddened by this; if Australia is to ever be a taken seriously in the gaming industry then we must start preducing games that are of a high standard.

      Also on another note this industry can only get bigger and with the audience getting bigger I can only expect another good year for it.

        Hopefully LA Noire will be of "high standard". It's sad to see that most people think it's being made by Rockstar, when it's developed by Team Bondi.

    My collection of Special Editions which seem to be getting more expensive with each new one says...


    So i'm assuming they ignored the fact that several large gaming companies shut down in australia the past few years? I wouldn't hold any breath. Hell, I'm already going to study something else.

    I'm telling you man it was Flight Control HD, it has shifted the Australian game industry into SIXTH GEAR

    All good news but me thinks digital and mobile/casual gaming will see the biggest rise.
    Which is great for those little start-up, backyard companies that can run with 2-3 dedicated programmers/designers/marketing/tea lady(laddie) and a moderate computer or two.
    I also like the way a lot of the 'great' games of 2010 are story games - that is the games have a story to them that takes you in as a player (Red Dead Redemption, Halo:Reach, Fable (1,2,3) etc etc. These are making games more like movies/books interaction is the key. Although I do love the less intense games like the arcade ones on Xbox (Doritos Crash Course anyone! how much fun us that...)
    I think I have extended this topic a little...
    More spent on games in Aust. = better games here and maybe even better prices... see game distribution companies we are a large market and deserve to be treated with respect or else we will just go elsewhere and the only winners there are the postal/courier companies...

    Wern't retailers complaining about imports and sales going down?

    And then it breaks in the mail.

    Really the only way to make the game creation industry boom here is to offer decent tax concessions to games companies like what has happened in other countries.

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