Australia's Top Street Fighter Joins The Traveling Circus

ToXY is arguably Australia's greatest Super Street Fighter IV competitor, and is one of the best Akuma players in the world. In recognition of this, top SSFIV team The Traveling Circus has signed ToXY to a one year contract. This is big news for the burgeoning Australian competitive scene, and proof that Australians players can compete on an international level.

"Toxy is one of the most recognised names in the country," claimed a statement released from TTC, "and could easily be named the best player on the entire Australian continent.

"His demanding work ethic, combined with an impressive list of wins over some of the worlds best, deserves recognition and reward. Toxy entered tournaments for fighting games in 2004 and has been competing ever since. Doing extremely well in a variety of different “Street Fighter” titles. Having placed 1st or at least top 3 in over 95 per cent of the major tournaments in Australia, Toxy is ready to test his skills on an international level. Plans are already in place for 2011 US tournaments, and we are excited for his arrival!"

It's great to see a top Australian competitor make it to the top, and be able to compete with the top SSFIV players on a global level. Good luck ToXY!

The Traveling Circus Expands: Welcomes Australia’s ToXY [Shadowloo]

Thanks for the tip EXC355UM


    He's the only Aussie I've ever seen who's pulled off an ultra against Daigo.

    Props to him. His Akuma is a nightmare.

    I remember when Michael was a young boy popping into Highpoint Playtime to play Xmen VS Streetfighter. How times have changed. Congratulations Mike

    Thanks again for the feature Mark. It's nice to see more sites actually featuring news from the competitive side of game in Australia too. Much respect. =]

    "“Toxy is one of the most recognised names in the country"

    Ok, I'll go first- who?

      ...are you not into the fighting game competitive scene?

      Anyone with even a passing interest in competitive Street Fighter in Australia will have heard of Toxy, considering the fact he's well known overseas, and top Japanese players have been quoted saying how good he is.

      Hell, even superstar Diago has commented on how good Toxy is.

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