Autistic Child Banned From Xbox LIVE Apparently DID Cheat

On Friday we posted the story of Julias Jackson, an 11 year old autistic boy who had his account banned on Xbox LIVE for 'cheating' at Halo 3. Julias' mother took issue with this, contacting the media with the claim that her son was banned unfairly - turns out she's performed quite the u-turn. Apparently Julias did cheat, and his account was modified in order to gain achievements - making the ban legitimate. An email for Microsoft's Stephen Toulouse stated the following...

The account Zombie Kill67 transferred from the Xbox it is normally seen on, to an Xbox in another city. The account earned several achievements for Halo 3 that can only be done online and in succession. It was clear they were unlocked out of order and offline. Earning successive online achievements out of order and offline is an impossible feat, not due to skill, but due to the technology of the system. It can only be done by modifying the account and faking the achievements.

It's an interesting story - banning an autistic child for cheating when it's possible he didn't completely understand the consequences is a little harsh, but Microsoft had no way of knowing, and rules are rules. Jackson's mother, however - unless she had no prior knowledge - appears to used her son's disability to gain sympathy for his cause.

It's a bizarre ending to a compelling story.

Xbox Live Labels Autistic Boy "Cheater" [Q13 Fox via The Escapist]

Thanks to Jason for the tip.


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    Should've stuck to the Wii instead. No achievements or trophies there.

      *tries with all his might not to make a wii-tard joke*

      *goes red in the face and faints*

      Pretty sure Nintendo would ban him somehow if he was able to play Halo 3 on his Wii...

        That or sue him for a million dollars like that other guy from Brisbane (i think?) for pirating New Super Mario Bro?

    He He. Even autistic kids are looking for the quick win.

    Glad to see Kotaku do a follow up on this. I would love for this to get aired on the same tv news show that ran the story to begin with but I really doubt it.

    Still I'm glad the truth came out, and honestly I think most of us suspected this already.

    No it's an entirely expected and predicted ending to a ridiculous media beat up story.

    A user name like "Zombie Kill67" for this child, sounds very fishy and Microsoft were 100% correct, if the rules were broken, then they should reset his account. The mother is clearly looking for sympathy and gouging from the public outrage. I think she should be immortalized in a 'Busted' pic of her own. They are just achievements for gods sake, I lost mine when MS changed over to the new update last year and 'haven't cared' for them ever since. MS killed the joy out of them for me, way to go! As for cheating, I wouldn't know how to do it on my Xbox but fair play to this kid if he managed it.

      typical microsoft support.

    Something seemed a little off about the initial reports so I'm not surprised by this conclussion at all.

    Kinda sad - because being branded a "CHEATER" on his gamertag for everyone on Live to see wasn't enough, his mother had to go and tell another few million people...

    ...which was just the outcome of trying to guilt MS into reversing the decision because he's autistic. There are much worse parents in the world but really, she should be ashamed.

    Or more to the fact she is a mother who lets her 11 year old son (with a presumed lower mental age) play games design for people who are 15+.


      Can't argue there. This is what really peeves me off. Parents that are more than happy to let kids play content that is definitely not designed for them. I think some parents just say "He/she wants to play it, and it's just a game so it's obviously OK."
      Perhaps we can use this article to fuel the R18+ debate?

      Autism manifests in a lot of different ways, its not quite correct to presume that someone with autism has a lower mental age than their peers. Usually it's social interaction that's an issue which is why gaming has become such a bridge for people with autism.


    100points for linking to a video that isnt Yootoob, I can actually watch!

    The real story here is that the kid is only 11 and is being allowed to play Halo 3, online and unsupervised.

      Have you played Halo recently? You write this like it's out of the ordinary?! hahaha

      There's no story there. That's not illegal. His mothers given consent therefore it's legal.

        Something doesn't have to be illegal to be wrong however.

    Jason.... hold on thats me! Happy my tip got posted :) I feel so special!

    Seriously though, I was horrified when I read the story. Fair enough a kid lying about his account (its a daily occurence right?), but the mother should know better then that. Imagine the crap the suspension team would have copped from the media and community because of this :( I feel sorry for them!

    Have you seen my baseball?

    Was not bothered by this when it first broke and really not surprised at the outcome. Stepto has always stepped up to the plate when push came to shove and has posted correspondence/e-mails of banned gamers accounts when they or their parents just couldn't shut up. Get the lid a

    Boy overcomes disadvantages to cheat like any other cheating bastard, what an inspiring story!

    an 11 year old managing to cheat the achievements....something isnt right there, if he didnt know the risks of doing it, someone else did it :|

    Am I the only one amid our massive debate currently in this country that thinks shes a negligent parent for allowing her kid to play games not made for him in the first place?

    Does he play GTA too? Wtf... the kids autistic which means he has even more issues comprehending and understanding stimulus to begin with, then his only friend is violent video games.

    *slow clap*

    And before everyone goes all up in mah grill, how many games exactly out there that ARE appropriate?

    I also like how they were showing the Airport scene from COD in the clip, just to reinforce my point.

    Now the new media headline can read "disabled cheater caught - matching disabled account unlocked"

    Well atleast he still has minecraft

    Gosh i can't even believe that some bullshit like this ends up in the news. Poor America, if something like a gamerscore is considered to be worthy enough to be in the national news. It's sad, really.

    He wanted Recon Armour, Slight graphical change to your Spartan no big deal gameplay wise. So he gave his account details to some other guy to get it for him. The Mother than says she knew about it, warned him against it and did not see the harm in it.

    Yes than claims to the News that he never cheated... Sounds like she was hoping to get some money out of Microsoft, I guess she didn't think ol' M$ would be able to prove why they gave him the Cheater tag.

    I thought this story sounded "off" from the get go. As for kids playing Violent Video Games, two kids under ten (by my estimate) in an EB arguing over which MA15+ game will be bloodier while their dad looks on saying they can have one, and only one.

    So the fact that kids play Video Games wildly inappropriate for their age level unsupervised is the least surprising fact here. That being said I don't know the kids and despite their childish argument might be mature... Gotta go my Pork Wings are ready.

      Pork... wings?
      When did they start flying?, How do you catch them now?, and where do i get some?

    I can think of two people who done this to their account and did not get banned lol.

    That mother should have her son taken away from her. What kind or irresponsible parent let's an 11 year old play Halo 3. It's people like her that make reasoning for an R18+ rating difficult. If there were less idiots like this woman who let their kids do whatever they feel like the world would be a better place.

    Makes me sick.

      I was just about to ask the same thing.

      On that note, isn't Halo 3 rated M here? I do not recall it being rated MA15+.

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