Baby Dies While Man Plays PlayStation

While a five-month-old baby died from internal bleeding, 21-year-old Trent Owen Ngaruhe Hapuku apparently continued playing his PlayStation.

The New Zealander faces manslaughter charges after Mikara Ranui Jarius Reti died on January 11. Hapuku was left in charge of young Mikara. The baby's mother, Jamie Reti, supposedly left the child alone with the 21-year-old while she bathed her other son and ate dinner, reports.

Reti returned, upon which she apparently found Hapuku holding the baby and trying to play a PlayStation game. Hapuku later told police he knew he would get the blame, because he was the only one with the baby. He also said he did not know how the baby suffered those injuries.

During that 45-minute interval, it seems the baby suffered a blunt-force injury to the liver, which fractured four ribs and severed it, causing internal bleeding. According to, police say the injury was most likely caused by it being crushed against the baby's spine, resulting in severe pain, massive shock and loss of consciousness. The infant vomited all over Hapuku's shoulder.

After seeing her baby's pale face, Reti and Hapuku rushed the child to the hospital, where doctors were unable to revive the child. The autospy report says the baby died within minutes from the injuries. What's more, the baby was also suffering from rib fractures that were estimated to be weeks old.

The baby's mother is currently pregnant with Hapuku's child.

Man played computer game as he held dying baby [ Thanks, Tom!]


    Jeez, I have a six month old. That is scary.

      Now I will joke to make myself feel better...

      If that's what happens to babies while playing Playstation I'm glad I bought a 360!

        I want to laugh. But that's really damn awful, the news not the joke.

        I've got three kids and I'm an avid gamer and it makes me ill to be even tangibly associated with this guy. Although there'd be screaming in the streets if it was ever implemented, I think we need to again wonder why people require a license to own pets, but not have children.

    Jesus. :(

    I frequently play the xBox while holding my sleeping daughter in my arms. I don't think I've ever held her tight enough to CRUSH HER LIVER.


    I was very upset by this article.

      "I don’t think I’ve ever held her tight enough to CRUSH HER LIVER..."

      Actually, I'm certain about this.

        Im pretty darn certain I haven't crushed my boy's liver while he sleeps in my arms either...

    Do we know if it was because of the way he was holding her? Or could the injury of happened prior?

      Sounds to me like the kid was crying so he punched it in the stomach to shut it up.

      Also that evidence that it wasn't the first time is pretty damning.

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