Brink Makes Sweet Music From Gun Violence

Get the sound of gunfire stuck in your head with Brink's "choir of guns", a catchy excuse to look at the deep and customisable arsenal in the forthcoming first-person shooter.

Brink's latest promo may borrow a trick from Half-Life 2 music video "The Ballad of Black Mesa", but some beautiful editing and a new look at this interesting, team-based shoot 'em up make Splash Damage's song stand out.

Bethesda Softworks will bring Brink to the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this year.


    Thanks for the new ring tone

    I'm getting more and more fired up for this! The game is more and more polished with every new video. It pretty much takes all the best points of all my fav games and combines them! And guess what? Base spawn zones are protected by indestructable auto gun turrets to wipe our spawn campers :D

    Check out the dev diary for some interesting news on how they programmed the sounds:

    Strikes me as a cross between COD and Quake III Arena.

      I'm thinking more Borderlands and Shadowrun

        Me, Borderlands and Team Fortress 2

    i am just so excited for this game

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