Bulletstorm Mocks Halo With Evocative, Projectile-Vomiting Diorama

Nothing says serious business like a slow pan through a minutely detailed diorama set to moody music.

A little projectile vomiting? A hot dog on a stick, shoved through a guy? A fireball about to enter an orifice? How can that hurt?

Thanks for the Bulletstorm-laughs People Can Fly and Epic, now deliver a fantastic shooter or people will be coming for you.

How did we come upon this video, you ask? Why thanks to a morning delivery on our doorstep of a dirt-packed wooden box and super-tiny briefcase packed with the fixins for my favorite drink.

Have a look:


    I don't see how this is mocking Halo.


      this should explain all...

    That was freaking sweet.

    Was expecting him to keep spewing like on team america

    That's not really mocking, more of a parody.

    My god, this is the first time i've watched that now... it's... magnificent :D

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