Bulletstorms New Trailer Kicks Arse - Literally

Bulletstorm is such an interesting proposition - on the one hand it appears to be as dumb as dogshit, loaded up with the kind of pinball machine mechanics that can often subvert actual gameplay. But on the other hand, we can't wait to play an FPS shooter that attempts to ramp up the scale and switch things up a bit. This new trailer, released in preperation for the upcoming demo, is looking rather spiffing.

An FPS, first and foremost, has to be about shooting things - but we're really enjoying the effort that Epic and People Can Fly have put into the details, and the extra mechanics that are hopefully going to set Bulletstorm apart from the dirge of shooters being released in 2011.

Here's hoping it delivers on the promise.


    My god i want to sex this game's face and let it cover me with its skill gravy!!

      ^^ This....

    I watched that and went "Hey, it's Steven Blum!".
    I am pretty sure this is not the reaction they desired out of me.

    Is he doing a fly kick at 1:28 lol?

    Any idea when the demo is coming out?

      go away troll. you know its in the vid

        Umm, yea I wasn't trolling I didn't watch the entire video. I do like that you know what I know though.

    This game is starting to look insanely fun. Can't wait for the demo.

    It's been ages since I've played a FUN fps or one that isn't trying to be too realistic. This one looks like it will absolutely kill :)

    No demo / game for PC?

    I don't think dirge means what you think it means.

      I think he was trying for deluge, but maybe it's a Freudian slip with all the bloody maiming going on in that there trailer?

    Demo available 25/1. I am guessing that it is the US 25/1 because it isn't available here yet.

    Will get this, ONLY if there's local multiplayer. This just looks designed to be played with other people in the room, getting drunk and high-fiving until dawn.

    Jennifer Hale and Steven Blum? Awesome! :D

    Demo was completely f**king badass.

    Gorgeous, creative and most of all... fun!

    Hear that COD, Crysis and MOH? Fun! you guys try it!

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