Can Stargate Universe Come Back From The Dead?

After the announcement that Syfy was not interested in 3rd season ofStargate Universe, internet rumours have been popping up all over claiming that SGU is far from dead (mostly fostered by the show creators themselves). Can SGU live again?

In the end of Decemeber show co-producer and co-writer, Brad Wright, told Show Patrol that "We haven't given up on finishing the story we started" and that "it's heartening to see so many people upset about Syfy's cancellation of the show, but it's important to remember that their licence fee represented only a portion of our total budget."

Last week director SGU producer and director, Joseph Mallozzi, seemed to back up Wright's earlier statements. From the entry in his recent blog, one could assume that Wright is still fighting the good fight trying to get SGU back on air:

I was in the office yesterday to watch the Day 1 Mix of The Hunt. Great stuff! Anyway, while there, I talked to Brad. Needless to say, he's been working hard to ensure we all get the opportunity to work with Mark in 2011. Nothing definite as of yet to report but a minor hurdle was cleared. Quite a few hurdles still lie ahead and there's always the chance it might all be for naught – but right now, things are looking positive.

We spent a couple of hours in the late afternoon discussing the potential game plan if all goes well – and, if all DOES go well, I can assure you that it'll be very, VERY exciting for all.

What is the "minor hurdle" ? It's anything from getting some additional funding to keep VFX creator (the exceptionally gifted) Mark Savela on for a longer period of time to work on the final episodes, or it could be as big as finding a new channel that wants to pick up where SGU left off. Only time will tell, but know this, these guys are dedicated to this series. They've been behind it for years and years. While we're not sure about the end outcome, we're 100% sure that this crew is putting in the hours to keep SGU alive. It should be interesting to see what happens. We're not ready to lose the Stargate franchise forever, so we're rooting for them!

UPDATE: Here's a good source for save SGU updates.

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    I'm surprised it even lasted 2 seasons...I'm one of those people who thought Universe was utter rubbish. The deviation from the original formula was too wild. At one stage it seemed as if each episode would become a who would bang who fest.

      It was decent enough, but I didn't watch it because it's not really Stargate and I thought they were treating the fans like idiots.

      It seems more like they wanted to make a show like Battlestar Galactica, that's more dramatic/examines the human condition or whatever, and just stuck Stargate in the title to attract an existing fanbase. Suffices to say it didn't work...


        So sad they made this rather than continuing the thoroughly excellent Atlantis, only to can this 2 years later

        Yeah, you can really see the shift in the end run of the first season/first half of the second season.

        They tried being BSG...then started to shift back to more Stargate elements. If they had condensed the first season into 10 episodes and started the Season 2 Plotlines in the first season....well i think it might have been doing a bit better.

        The crap way SyFy treated the show didn't help either, I mean they give Wrestling better coverage...and place their original shows in better slots.

        Syfy are just as much to blame as is the quality of the show

      Hater's gonna hate.

      But I loved the series and there were some really cool, well written scenes. Unfortunately, there were also some bad ones. I do hope it will be back, to at least finish the storyline.

      I do agree that the show was very different from the original Star Gate Shows but in all honesty the original Star Gate shows were not very well written and were made for TV fifteen years ago when darker shows like Star Gate Universe were not allowed on TV. In all honesty I think that SGU is the best show of the franchise and the ways in which it has deviated from the original formula make it great.

    Let's hope not... this show was terrible!! I still cant believe they stopped SGA for this dribble.

    Also, why can I never comment through the facebook integration... never works.

    I don't watch it, but anything can happen...

    Family Guy & Futurama have done the impossible before...

      I miss Sliders.





      Oh alright, I miss Jerry O'Connell.

        I too miss Sliders. I also miss Time Trax and Space: Above & Beyond. I think they were great. I 'may' have been stoned at the time though, so it's a bit hazy.

          LOL, there's someone alive who actually watched Time Trax? I was actually on one episode as an extra, as it was shot in and around Brissie and Gold Coast. Got good money as a student in the early 90s.

    Terriers was/is way better. Shows like that deserve to come back more.

    The first season had...teething problems but the show is starting to get into its stride now.

    Damn you "SyFi" or whatever you are now.

    I may be the only person here who actually enjoyed SGU. It was god to finally see a more serious SiFi sho on the Telly. I think Syfy is slowly finding that it's more cost effective for them to show re-runs of shows in syndication as the true nerds out there are also the tech savvy people who grab their shows online.

    From all this I'd like to see the producers allow us to pay for a season pass which allows us to download it as it becomes available. I'll pay if it's a good show and I can watch it at the same time as the US.

      We had a more serious sic fi it was bsg

      This was them trying to cash in on that, it's still stargate which is obvious because of the magical ways that all there problems seemed to be solved.

      In sg1 and sga a little absurdness was fine but in thus there tryingto be all serious but then just go silly.

      The main thing it's missing is something big to unify them even when there's infighting, the centre if theuniverse thing doesn't do that , bsg had the advantage of thecylons merged with the pretense that there could be an earth.

      Theres alot wrong but could be fixed I think the real issue is that it's a waste of the stargate liscence which has never been about being serious, they could have made the exact same show without the stargate ties ( which I think would have been better for the show wouldn't have had any expectations )

        "because of the magical ways that all there problems seemed to be solved"

        ... You did *see* the finale of BSG, right?

          The SG formula always sees a result in the last 15 minutes, or in the last 15 of the 2-parter.
          Also, there's sometimes that Dues Ex Machina element which they usually forget what happened in the next episode..

      You're not the only person who enjoys SGU here. I like it as well. They definitely tried to concentrate on characters and human interaction in this series. I'm enjoying that aspect, plus they leave enough questions unanswered to make things intriguing. I think it's good entertainment.

    Awnshegh; iTunes has that feature. I know you can get season passes to alot of shows. I am not to sure because I havent checked.

    I have only recently started watching it (channel 11) and it looks good so far. Perhaps they might be doing a movie?

    Yeah the show starts off really slow I agree. I considered not watching it (but I had nothing else to do so I kept watching it)

    It gets a lot better, about 10-15 episodes in I was really enjoying it. Shame to see it go though.. they cant seem to make any SciFi shows these days that last.

    It is similar to BSG, but less drama more sci-fi. I like it, hope we get to see it continue!

      only reason you could say less drama is because the drama is stupid soap opera style and is boring who will boink who stuff which basically = eli depressed chloe get her thing on.

      not sure how you get more sci fi from this either

    I liked the show and hope it does return, it was a nice new twist on the Stargate formula.

    SG1 and Atlantis were also good but were pretty much exactly the same as each other so it was nice to have a change.

    I really enjoy SGU and hope to god it continues. Sure it's not as good as {insert cult sci-fi show here}, but I liked it and would be sad to see it go.

    Lots of the time I felt like I was watching Home & Away: Space edition and it annoyed the hell out of me! Season 2 is where it actually started getting interesting. They really did aliens well in SGU as well, with the blue guys and the Irsini.

    I really wanted to see SG Atlantis a lot more, I really REALLY wanted to see more of those badass Asgard that popped up only once in the series and I wanted to see more of that so badly. Atlantis leaves you hanging unfortunately, like a "what happens next?!" and you get a "nothing, they lived happily ever after" answer...

      the badass asgard, the wierd alternate wraith(not sure what they were really called but from when they jump through parralel universes) they were cool threads that were never explored

      and we stopped SGA to explore the truely alien in SGU, which so far has netted us 2 essentially humanoid races which don't communicate with the humans so they never seem imposing other than the fact that they have lots of ships

      while some scenes with the wraith may have come of corney i still think that the lighthearted quips and jokes of the old one make it more enjoyable, same reason i loved farscape.

      BSG got the drama down and played it well, theres no reason we had to try and recreate it.

    I really tried to watch SGU but just couldn't get into it, not really surprised by this as it's what Sigh Phi does (is still bitter about SG1 & SGA).

    This was the first Stargate series I watched continually. I love the movie, but I thought all the spin-off TV shows were bollocks. Too much camp, bad sets, bad actors and laughable aliens.

    SGU is definitely no BSG, but it was still good. The characters were more relatable than any of the previous Stargate series and some of the stories were very good (if you don't believe this, watch the episode TIME. Do it.)

    I hope it comes back.

    Oh and for anyone who enjoys their scifi TV shows, you should read a post on Richard Morgan's blog, he mames some great points (OC in Space):

    (and if you don't know who Richard Morgan is, you have some reading to do!)

      its funny you mention time being a good episode

      Because it's one of the few that basically could have played out in the old Stargates just with a bit more drama in it. unfortunatly the ties to the stargate series are virtually non exisistant in this show the stargate is rarely used, and the rest is blabering about ancients, but not the cool ones we saw :P

      Good riddance.This was the show that made me think of SyFy as a joke.Even more than supercrocversussnakeorsomething.

    I know, how bout you finish Atlantis properly before trying to resurrect another spin-off series.

    SGU started really slow, I think they were trying to make us really understand the characters, either that or they realised the initial direction was flawed.
    But half way through season 1 it turned and became far more interesting.
    By the end of season 1 the ship had been taken over by the Lucian Alliance. Season 2 had the crew fight them off, fight off alien attacks, meet new aliens on board other ancient vessels, Rush found the bridge, kept it to himself for ages, now everyone uses it, get along alright and have to deal with more external than internal stresses.

    I totally LOVED SGU

    I actually can NOT stand the other stargates there a total insult to sci-fi in my book they make scifi look like a bunch of over the top crap

    id rather watch some shit like CHARMED or what else is on that SHIT sci fi channel that umm sanctuary crap, no wonder people cant take sci fi seriously its all fucking tripe

    I loved having a serious Sci fi with a bit of drama bit of humor and deep character development and as someone put it "the human condition"

    its nice to have a sci-fi that isn't all just "the aliens are out to get us with huge empires of fleets ready to kill earth"


    are some of best sci-fi shows out there right now

    and haters go watch your shitty fargate pretty much all it was when half the actors from farscape tried to make it more like that great show

    Long live SGU cant wait to see more of ya !!

      I was worried SGU would be "the same old stuff" again done with a new wrapper, instead it turned out to be an interesting new show that melded the familiarity of the SG license with a completely new take. Instead of the same old with new names, it was a completely different angle.

      The only thing that would make me happier than more SGU would be more SG:A ASWELL! :P

    I thought SG1 got boring enough later on. Let alone atlantis or the one episode i watched of universe.

    I could never get into this show because of how much I hated the doctor who got them stuck in the first place.

    SG1 and Atlantis had good starts where circumstances were out of the characters' control, letting you get to like them as the series progresses.

    Universe on the other hand? The main character is an idiot who stranded the crew just to satisfy his own curiousity, and yet you're meant to care about him.

    If the show comes back, I hope he gets written out. Maybe let the SG1 cast take over?

    I can dream...

    SGU was the best Stargate (imo), though at times it was trying to be more Galactica than Battlestar Galactica.

    More stupid plotlines and goofy aliens please!

    ya it sucks thay arnt going to keep sgu playing its is my best tv show to wach i always culdnt wait to wach the next episod play its very adicting ....well i hope thay get ther heads out of ther u no whats and keep it on...

    wow at some of you people thinking SG-1 and SG:A were horrid..

    just leave now and stick to your BSG

    Syfy doesn't want to show SGU anymore, but I see tremors the buttblasters on every other week? Syfy is losing something really big by giving this show up.

    I didn't like sgu at first but I gave it a chance and over time I started to enjoy the show. It started out slow but is picking up the pace. I think if they give the show a chance we could see them unlock more features of the ship and make the show exciting.

    I think that SGU is a good show that has a lot of promise. The storyline can go anywhere. Remember they are several galaxies away. The bottom line. The writers can save the show if they keep it intriguing enough. The ship has a universe of possible capabilities. This show can be much more exciting.

    Also, they shouldn't have killed off Atlantis so soon. That show was a gem in itself. The Atlantis crew should of been the ones to have found Destiny.

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