Can This Pop Princess Be A True Gamer With No PS3?

During the last decade, Japanese singer Maki Goto was a big pop star. Now, she's a big gamer. That is, a big gamer apparently without a PS3.

Earlier this week, Goto appeared on popular variety show Downtown DX, hosted by the popular comedy duo Downtown. On the show, celebrity guests typically show photos or videos of their homes, hobbies and possessions.

Goto offered a peak at her private life, revealing that she had a room dedicated to video gaming - and from the looks of it, dedicated to doing one's hair. In her gaming room, Goto has two televisions, two Wiis and one Xbox 360.

In Japan, the reaction online is peppered with comments not only about what consoles Goto has, but what consoles she apparently does not have. Comments like "There's no PS3" and "Where's the PS3?" as well as "Two Wiis lulz" dominated online discussions.

Goto first rocketed to fame when she debuted in idol troupe Morning Musume in 1999, helping to power the group to the top of the charts and into fans' hearts. But Goto left the music business in 2007 around the time her younger brother was arrested for stealing ¥1 million worth of electrical wiring from a construction site. In Japan, idols are supposed to be pure and good girls, so having a brother in prison mucks up one's image.

That fall, Goto left the talent agency that manages Morning Musume for reasons that were apparently unrelated to her kid brother's legal troubles. Since 2008, she's been in the process of re-establishing herself as a singer, perofrming with the Avex music label (which is also home to Ayumi Hamasaki).

Appearances like her recent one on Downtown DX did more than help re-establish Goto's celebrity presence, but establish her as a hardcore gamer.

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『タレントの元モー娘、後藤真希がXBOX360ユーザーだったことが判明』ショット記事。 [ゲーム情報&ブログ2.0 via RocketNews24][Pic]


    Can't wait until Brian Ashcraft gets fired.

    What is the point of this piece? You don't need to have a PS3 to be a 'true gamer' - I consider myself to be a 'true gamer', and I've never owned a Playstation console. Furthermore, the actual article has almost nothing to do with the misleading and almost fanboy-provocative title.

      Your correct but as a regular to this site you might of picked up that the xbox360 is not popular in Japan. As such the PS3 is the almighty gaming god for Japanese gamers. Hence not having a PS3 and saying your a hardcore gamer in Japan is like being Korean and not owning Starcraft.

    Don't say that. I'm sure his family relies on that income.

    I hope Brian Ashcraft has a life insurance claim and that he gets into a car accident that kills him instantly.

    Kotaku would probably just hire someone who is an even worse journalist though.

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