Can Your PC Play Bulletstorm?

See if your Windows machine is up for a game of Bulletstorm, the shooter from Painkiller creators People Can Fly and Epic Games. Minimum and recommended system requirements seem… fairly reasonable.


    • Your buying a new dual core end of life chip? The Core2 lineup hasn’t been current tech for years now, heck Intel just started replacing the i5 and i7 lineup.

  • Without looking at that, i can say with confidence;

    No… No it won’t.

    In fact my laptop would have a coronary from the box art alone.

    Also, my laptop is so underpowered that it makes Pee-wee Herman look like Mr. Universe.

    • Dude you should try out Metro 2033 if you haven’t already. The graphics are pretty nuts and its pretty taxing if you run it with maxed settings (including the DirectX11 capabilities like tessellation and stuff).

      It’s actually a pretty good game too. some people are starting to say that it’s taken over Crysis’ role as the game that takes a really good rig to run well.

  • Mah errl rig can just run about everything i’m talking all that mumbo jumbo found down the lousianna swamp, Dat darn spooky witch doctor dun packed mah puter with 24GB of DDR3 and 3x GTX 580 SLI.

  • the thing is, the unreal engine (which i’m assuming is what they are using) in my opinion is one of the best looking engines that doesn’t chew up resources

  • Why is this news? Those specs aren’t that high…. not too mention that other games still have higher minimum specs anyways….

    • Because it’s nice to meet developers who aren’t determined to turn my rig into a boiling heap of molten metal.

  • Yea, the recommended specs are my machine 2 years ago. I don’t know which game this is, but it can’t be any more graphically pleasing than Crysis.

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