Catherine Gameplay Is Quite Puzzling

Catherine Gameplay Is Quite Puzzling

Beneath the distorted screams, surreal visuals, and sexy cutscenes of Atlus’ Catherine lies some intriguing puzzle-platforming gameplay, along with plenty of exploding sheep.

This is not at all what I expected from Catherine gameplay-wise, but I’ll take it. I figured with it being a Persona spin-off it would play more like a role-playing game, but this looks very different. It looks like a man trying to navigate his nightmares to keep from losing himself inside of them, like others have before him – the sheep.

It’s frightening, yet quite compelling at the same time. I might have to import this one. I don’t understand Japanese, but I get the feeling that could help in this situation.

Catherine Gameplay Trailer Reveals More Absurdity [Hell Descent]


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