Catherine Gameplay Is Quite Puzzling

Beneath the distorted screams, surreal visuals, and sexy cutscenes of Atlus' Catherine lies some intriguing puzzle-platforming gameplay, along with plenty of exploding sheep.

This is not at all what I expected from Catherine gameplay-wise, but I'll take it. I figured with it being a Persona spin-off it would play more like a role-playing game, but this looks very different. It looks like a man trying to navigate his nightmares to keep from losing himself inside of them, like others have before him - the sheep.

It's frightening, yet quite compelling at the same time. I might have to import this one. I don't understand Japanese, but I get the feeling that could help in this situation.

Catherine Gameplay Trailer Reveals More Absurdity [Hell Descent]


    holy WTF batman......

    Wait, did he just beat a demon with his pillow? That's new. I'm kinda disappointed, was hoping it'd be similar-ish to the Persona series. I'm Not a huge fan of puzzle platformers. But then again, it's good we're not getting more of the same thing.

    There'd been plenty of hints of the nightmare gameplay before, and while this is definitely unusual, it sure as hell looks interesting.

    Now let us resume praying for a western release.

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