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CheapSkate Gamer and Commander Computer Games team up to present: THE CHEAPSKATE GAMER Issue #10

PC Digital Download Miner Wars Pre-Alpha - $13.99 Hard to Be a God - $5.98 King Arthur: The Role Playing War-Game - $4.99 Europa Universalis III - $4.00 APOX - $9.99 A.R.E.S. - Extinction Agenda - $8.99 DarkSiders - $9.99

Retail Boxes Dark Void - $6.54 Frontlines: Fuel of War - $7.59 Rise of the Argonauts - $8.84 Warhammer Mark of Chaos: BattleMarch - $9.99 Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen - $13.49 Rock Band: The Beatles (Game Only) - $16.99

Xbox 360 EndWar - $16.99 Viva Pinata: Party Animals - $18.00

PS3 Lost: The Video Game - $17.99 BlazBlue Calamity Trigger - $20.99 The Force Unleashed - $22.99 Alpha Protocol - $28.00

Wii The Princess and the Frog - $17.99 CSI: Fatal Conspiracy - $20.99 Resident Evil 4 - $21.99

PSP GhostBusters: The Video Game - $17.99 GTA: Liberty City Stories - $18.99

DS Mini Ninjas - $17.99 Rune Factory - $19.99

Fairly solid turnout this week. People of all consoles should be pleased! Otherwise, did I leave a deal out? If so, comment below or on facebook, and tell us where! And, as promised last week, here is ISSUE #001 of COMMANDER COMPUTER GAMES:

Tell me what you like, and what you don't in the comments!


    Geez, you've failed me for a second week in a row, no free games.

    Tut, tut, tut.

    I laughed at the comic, so there's an endorsement from me.


        Loops, you obviously don't understand.

        It's the principle of the thing.

    i enjoy the homo-erotic exposition and gritty film noir look of Captain Computer Games. This somehow and inexplicably works perfectly with CheapSkate Gamer. Go figure. I thought it would never work, and i was wrong - and today I stand here all apologetic and remorseful.

    A couple of small complaints: I really wanted to know more about the Captain's "package, body and moustache" and I was left wanting. However, I am certain you will address this issue in the weeks to come.

    i ♥ Captain Computer Games because he reminds me of Freddie Mercury & that's always a good thing and cause for commendaton and joyous aerial high-fives. I thought CheapSkate had gone the way of the Fonz & jumped the shark, but this is a real return to form Tads. p.s. the "it's a crime" dialogue was inspired.

    Are we endorsing stuff off Play-Asia?

    If so, I just picked up Fallout: New Vegas for ridiculous price of $20AUD! PS3-only.

      Wow. Good find!


        Furthermore, Darksiders for the PS3 is on special at Play-Asia too for $35.00AUD. This isn't too bad consider EB and JB have it listed at $78 and $99 respectively.

      Hmmm... it says it's the Asian version, does anyone know what that'll mean when the DLC finally hits PS3? I'm guessing we won't be able to grab it from the Aus store, which is a pity, cause that's an awesome price.

        Is that a fact? Aww...bummer. I didn't even consider that. Ah well. Still....$20!

        It depends. There is no simple answer to that question. I have imported plenty of "Asia" version games for my PS3 from Play-Asia. Most of the time, the DLC will work. However, there are certain games or should I say certain publishers that the DLC is region locked. This will be evident in the playstation store when you pick some DLC to download and it says something like "You must have product BLES-XXXX for this DLC to work". All the Asia version PS3 games are BLAS-XXXX.

        I know for sure that the GTAIV and RDR DLC is region locked, and Mod Nation Racers I think. But plenty of other games the DLC is not region locked.

          Very insightful. Thanks bro!

    Nice work Taddy.
    I'm also grateful you used my package as your inspiration for Commander Computer Games

      You're looking a little spherical down there. Might want to get that checked out, could be a tumor.

    I wonder what super powers that 'package' has... the ability to "leap into action" at a moments notice? I think this character has a lot more growing to do... *you may all groan now

      really glad I didn't type groin...

      Oh definitely. "Origins" will be a complete story arc of tapestry with his history woven into the finely knitted fabric of it.*

      *read: It will be non-sequitor, crude, break the 4th wall often and have no real plot-line.

    inspired by ...?

      Yupp. As I said last week, Axe Cop is one of the biggest inspirations for this. The difference is that this will (hopefully) have humor that is more mature (i.e. ruder), and the drawing in this is of a significantly lower quality! xD

    Loved the comic :D

    Europa Universalis III is an absolute bargain at $4. It's a ridiculously deep historical strategy game and definitely worth picking up if you're a Civ fan.

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