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New Year, new CheapSkate Gamer! I've changed the format as people asked so hopefully it's more clear and concise now!

PC Digital Download A Man with a Monocle - $4.00

Air Aces Pacific - $20.00

Conquest: Divide and Conquer - $7.50

Creeper World - $3.98

Dungeon Defenders - $8.99

Two Worlds GOTY Edition - $4.00

Shadowrun - $8.00

Stranglehold - $9.00

Age of Mythology Gold - $14.00

Monday Night Combat - $13.49

Blacklight: Tango Down - $7.49

A Farewell to Dragons - $4.99

Death Track: Resurrection - $3.25

Cryostasis - $3.25

NecroVision - $7.50

Fallout New Vegas Digital Collector's Edition - $34.95

Kings Bounty: Armoured Princess - $6.25

Drakensang: The River of Time - $17.95

Retail Boxes COD:WAW Limited Collectors Edition - $49.00

C&C:RA3 Premier Edition - $24.00

Commandos Complete - $14.00

Dead Space - $19.00

Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning - $6.00

Xbox 360 Borderlands GOTY - $32.99

Vanquish - $25.99

Nier - $26.99

Fairytale Fights - $14.00

Fallout 3 - $29.00

PS3 Dragon Age: Origins, Ultimate Edition - $39.99

UFC Undisputed - $18.99

Dark Void - $18.00

Dragonball Raging Blast - $38.00

Band Hero (Game Only) - $38.00

Batman: Arkham Asylum - $29.00

Wii Metroid Other M - $33.89

EA Sports Active: More Workouts - $14.00

DS Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force - $38.00

High School Musical 3 - $9.00

Indies Lift - $0.00

Conquest: Divide and Conquer - $7.79

Resistance Force - Alpha

Devil Theory - Alpha

World of Padman 1.5 - $0.00

Mods The Dark Mod - DOOM 3

Underlord - Titan Quest

Twisted Insurrection - C&C: Tiberian Sun

MechWarrior: Living Legends - Crysis

Mushroomia - GTA:SA

Crybusters Mission III - Crysis

FarCry 2010 - FarCry

Shock Therapy - C&C:RA3

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II - Half Life 2

Have any money left? Disappointing. Start again from the top, you obviously weren't reading the list properly! Otherwise, did I leave a deal out? If so, comment below or on Facebook, and tell us where!


    Thanks for the article Mark.

    *insert Tadmod fury here*

    Borderlands GOTY (360) at Ozgameshop is out of stock, but Zavvi and The Hut are selling it at similar enough prices.

    Good job as usual :)

    what is this? that was a rhetorical question. terrible. horrible. boring. drab. this isnt ordinary drab. this is grey-wallpaper drab. this reminds me of the way hospitals smell. the jokes are gone. and remember where you were the day the laughter died. i dont need to read this.

      *To the tune of "American Pie", beginning from the verse that starts with "When the jester sang for the king and queen"*

      When TadMod sang for Tech Knight and Strange,
      In a coat considered quite deranged,
      With a voice that caused a bleeding pain.
      And, While Mark Serrels wrote an article,
      Blaghman sang about in-game particles!
      The Talk Amongst Yourself was tamed,
      and Chuloopa was to be blaaaammmeeed!

      As Fatshady spoke of how Trials is tough,
      I though that noone would like my awful stuff.
      I was convinced that noone laughed,
      Because the jokes were so very daft!

      ...It goes on for 14 more verses, but I couldn't be bothered writing them... because they don't exist. xD

      If it's any consolation, I'll sneak a few jokes at the bottom next week (but don't tell anyone!)

        If you write the whole thing I'll sing it (maybe even well this time (it's actually in my vocal range, which helps)).



        I liked the jokes, it was my kind of terrible humour.

    Dragon Age is looking mighty tempting. Especially since Steam is no longer working on my pc, the standard edition i got is no longer working. Guess the pain isnt over for my wallet yet...

    Highly recommend anyone yet to play it to go pick up Nier.

    PCPowerPlay is giving away the full version of MechCommander2 with this months issue (it's the one with a shogun on the cover).

    Even months after leaving us, the Goose keeps giving.

    Blacklight isn't available in Australia, is it? I get an error when I try to open the link.

      They silently snuck it onto PSN and Live. I've got it. Seriously, dont bother.

    I've been teetering on getting Dragon Age Origins for a while now...

    I quite like RPGs and everybody seems to be raving about it... but every time I watch footage of it, it never really grabs me. (It doesn't help being a poor uni student. I have to buy wisely lol)



    I just bought a copy of Two Worlds for 360, pre owned for $35... on "sale"... I've been looking to play it for a while now and man do I feel stupid.

    the link to fallout new vegas is showing $54.95 for me, not $34.95. is it america-only for that deal?

    I saw a used Borderlands GOTY for $9

      The copies I've seen have codes to download all the DLC so there's a pretty good chance that a used copy would give you the game itself and nothing more. Though $9 for "just" Borderlands is a steal anyway!

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