Check Out Game Jam This Sunday!

Think you could create a fully functioning video game in 48 hours? The guys at Game Jam do, and we believe them. Game Jam is an admirable initiative where small teams of independent developers gather to conceive, and then create, a game in 48 hours - and it's happening this weekend in Sydney.

At this stage it's too late to register a team, but you can come along and check out the judges panel on Sunday from 3pm. Good Game and Kotaku alumni, and annoyingly good Super Meat Boy player, Jeremy 'Junglist' Ray will be there to help judge and he'll be helped by Cory Balrog, the Director of God of War II.

Tickets cost $10 and can be purchased online here

Game Jam is far more than a competition - it's an opportunity for a burgeoning scene to get together, network, and brain storm incredible game ideas in a pressure environment. I'm heading over this afternoon to check it out and I'm looking forward to seeing what these guys can create come Sunday.

Good luck to all the entrants!







    i'll just wait for you guys to be done.... over here... in Melbourne... alone... *sniff*


      The worst part is any visitors to Sydney get lost if they try to find their own way around.

      Not alone, never alone. :(

      I just relaised - Melbourne is full of Emo's...

      Lets all create a supurb symphony of razor-blades, guys!

      *pulls hair down to resemble a fringe*

        Nah man, let's be Peter Parker!

        That's all we need, confidence!

      It is being held at many locations around the world, including Melbourne. La Trobe University is hosting in our town.

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