China Both Too Scary, Not Scary Enough To Be Video Game Bad Guys

China Both Too Scary, Not Scary Enough To Be Video Game Bad Guys

The North Korean bad guys in the upcoming video game Homefront were originally going to be Chinese, but the people making the game changed their mind for two reasons.

First, Danny Bilson, one of the executives of the game’s publisher told Kotaku in an interview, “They’re just not that scary.”

Homefront needed a scary enemy, a nation that gamers could believe would be capable of invading the United States in a decade or so. Russians? No, too ’80s. Chinese? The Chinese seemed like good candidates for this are we initially going to be the ones development studio Kaos used as their villains. Except: “China is like America’s factory,” Bilson said. “Everything you buy is made in China. It’s all friendly. Everything’s made there from games, to every toy to everything. So they’re not that scary.”

Well, there’s also the other problem with our un-scary friends across the Pacific. They may not be the kind of guys to laugh off some fun American video game about the Chinese invading and oppressing the U.S. of A.

“The guys in our Chinese office said: Did you know that everybody on the exec team will be banned from coming into China for the rest of your lives? They were afraid the ministry of culture was going to wipe us out.”

So China’s off the hook. North Korea, you’ll be our enemy in Homefront. You’ll be the ones unifying the Korean peninsula, sneak-attacking the US, rounding up citizens, killing parents in front of wailing kids and then receiving the vengeance of insurgent Americans, as featured in this spring’s Homefront video game.

We must admit that the North Koreans do play the part of scary bad guy nation pretty well. Maybe too well.

PIC: Members of a Chinese military honour guard marches during a welcoming ceremony for US Secretary of defence Robert Gates at the Bayi Building on January 10, 2011 in Beijin, Getty Images


  • The only problem is North Korea is a small country with a small starving population who’s military is outdated… so how they can invade and occupy the US boggles me, unless they develop some type of super weapon/soldier.

    • Well according to the lore, NK invaded SK and united the country, using South Korea’s wealth, technology and infrastructure to power their invasion.

      Which is still highly implausible. But whatevs.

  • China scares me far more than North Korea does… but then I suppose we’ve never lost a war against China.

    Unless you count the current trade imbalances.

  • people seem to forget the size of north korea’s forces-the volume of spend and support from both Russia and China over the last 4 decades.

    Also the continued covert hostilities between both north and south korea.

    finally the economic wealth of south korea and there very limited military capacity.

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