Civ World May Be The Death Of Us All

The game formerly known as CIvilization: Network - now more appropriately titled Civ World - is coming later this year. But if you're lucky, you can play it this month.

While the game's open beta won't be taking place until around June, beginning January 12 select alpha testers will be let in the front gates to test and play the game.

Those who do get in should know that for the first time we now have an idea of how Civilization will be played over Facebook; it'll be divided into finite games that have a beginning and end (as opposed to an endless struggle), with winners declared at the end of each "era" and then at the end of the game itself.

If you want to sign up, head over to the link below.

A letter from Sid about Civilization World


    This should be lame, just like Civ V

      I've been playing Civ since the original. The current game of Civ 5 I'm playing is turning out to be one of the greatest games I've ever played. Period.

      Granted the last run through I played was full of teething problems, but the latest patch has made it really shine.

      Looking forward to having no life what-so-ever!

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