Colbert, You're Doing It Wrong

iPhone enthusiast and The Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert displays total ignorance in the face of playing Rovio's pig-smashing hit Angry Birds on Twitter. Pity Stephen's parakeet.


    i do love me some stephen colbert :)

      I prefer Colbert to the daily show. A lot of people miss his humour as it is quite random and very distant references but its all good.

    The Joke

    Your Heads


      what joke? you mean the unfunny kind?

    Haha, love it. I should do the same to my cockatiel and see what happens.

    Wow, you think he is being literal?

    -50 DKP for being hella slow. The joke aint on him Kotaku, its on you...

    either we be seeing Kotaku trolling, or it got overtaken for a day by 6th graders with an ok vocabulary...

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