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First week back chaps and chapettes. My sunburnt feet are slowly starting to fade, and we're now in the peely itchy stage. It seems that the Kotaku community is back at almost full strength after the Christmas break, but this week's Community Kudos is all about rewarding someone who got lost in the mix towards the end of 2010.

Because I left for my holidays on the Thursday - into a weird receptionless, internet wasteland - I never got the chance to hear the genius medley that was Blaghman's Christmas present to Kotaku. But today, after ploughing through the Talk Amongst Yourselves thread from two weeks ago, I finally found it his incredible 'All I Want For Christmas Is Kotaku' song - and it was worth the wait.

What an awesome effort - especially the FatShady reference!

(Oooooooh! FatShaaaaaaady!)

Thanks to all the people that nominated Blaghman for Community Kudos - in particular Chuloopa who sent about four emails to me about it! It's a well deserved win!

Also - totally aware of my massive Community Kudos backlog! I hope to get everyone's prizes sent out by next week. We're still missing most of our staff, including the luminous Haley Bennett, who is responsible for helping me mail out all the prizes. Hopefully we'll get it all sorted out next week. Much like Santa Claus, I have a list and I'm checking it twice! So we'll get it all fixed soon!

Thanks again for another awesome week folks!


    I was also emailing you about the site suggestions i made :p lol
    Still yet to hear back on that one Marky-boy
    Tsk Tsk Tsk. lol

    Congratulations Blahman - another much deserved win..

    Damn i freakin' love this place!

    Soooo.. Guys... when are we going to all chip in to get something for Mark for all his hard work, hey?
    Maybe a lady-stripper dressed as solid snake sent to the office?


      Except the cake is a lie, therefore, it never arrives. Problem solved.

      Congrats Blaghman!

      I would happily pay money to make that happen.

        Shouldn't she be a non-descript cardboard box that slowly shuffles over to his desk when his back is turned....

          Kotakudos for this line (for next week, I'm not that generous :P).

          I almost fell off my bed when I read that (yes, my laptop sits on my bed, don't ask).

    /takes bat and ball and goes home.

      *Runs after Braaains*

      Don't worry Braaains, we love you!


    Thanks to everyone who nominated me, I'm surprised you consider me worthy, given the line specifically mentioning this, but, whatever.

    As always, I love your tags for these Mark.

      Oh yeah, in case anyone is wondering, or just wishes to imagine it sung well, the lyrics are as follows:

      I don't want a lot for christmas
      there is just one thing I need
      I don't care about the presents
      Underneath the Christmas tree
      I just want you for my own
      More than you could ever know
      Make my wish come true...
      All I want for Christmas is

      I don't want a lot for Christmas
      There is just one thing I need
      (and I) Don't care about Chuloopa
      Underneath my Christmas tree
      I don't need to talk with Sughly
      'Cos he left us for some place
      Tech Knight won't make me happy
      With a game on Christmas day
      I just want you for my own
      More than you could ever know
      Make my wish come true
      All I want for Christmas is Kotaku...
      OOOoooh Fat Shady

      Oh I won't ask for much this Christmas
      I just might Dawdle
      (and I) I'm just gonna keep on waiting
      'cos James Mac stole my handle
      I won't make a list and send it
      To the North lands for welbot,
      Then I might just find a good deal
      From our friend, the great tadmod
      'Cause I just want Jo here tonight
      helping with my story's plight
      What more can I do
      Baby all I want for Christmas is kotaku

      And the Cracks are showing,
      as I sing my song,
      I should probably stop singing,
      as this is rather long,
      And no-one joins my singing
      is that b4d ringing
      Serrels won't you give me what I really really need,
      won't you give me kotakudos?

      what, I mean...

      Oh I don't want a lot for Bishmas
      This is all I'm asking for
      I just want to see Strange
      Tell some guy that she's a gal
      Oh I just want you to review
      Remember, I mentioned Jimu
      Make my wish come true
      Baby all I want for Christmas is

      Or at least, that's what they're supposed to be, who know what I actually sung?

    In that song... did I steal something?

      Has concerned me a bit to. I have never inferred, implied or even suggested that James Mac STOLE my handle. He was here first. I know my place :D :D

      Sorry James Mac, I couldn't be bothered referencing both you, our long time umm, person, and JamesMacUsedMyHandle, the interesting upstart with a fascinating viewpoint on Kotaku (no, I don't know what I'm saying either).

      As such, I went for not quite mentioning either of you, also, stole rolls off the tongue better.

    "After ploughing through threads" LOL
    Both myself and The Knight Of The Realm Of Tech both posted a link within about twelve minutes of your request. Now if TAY worked that quickly.... :D
    Congrats to Blaghman!!!
    Been quite a week, loved how a few words from the regulars and a quick post from Mark pulled everyone back into line. This community is great :D

    Awesome. Was worried this would be missed so glad it made it to this week. And awesome my name was so skillfully inserted into the song.

      I'm glad you enjoy it, if I may say so myself, that line was a work of brilliance :P.

    Seamus should get a special mention too.
    After what we put him through the week before and he still put up a new TAY thread in Marks absence
    I think he hopes we might go easier on him next time.....
    BTW since James Macs comments bout Seamus and Nick i keep envisioning them both with Mike Tyson singing "In the air tonight" and then BAM!!

      Ba-boom, Ba-boom, Ba-boom-boom-BOOM!

      No Kudos for him... he got a Vegas holiday.

    Yay, congrats Blaghman!

      Cheers Sughly, not sure how I would have finished the song if you hadn't bailed :P.

    Hahaha - i just noticed the tags too.
    Brilliant :D

    Oh man that is gold, a well deserved Kudos.

      Thank you Jo, I'll admit, if you take the line where you're mentioned on its own, it sounds a little weird.

    well done blaghman! i was one of the few that caught this pre-christmas, and all xmas day i was doing the ooo fat shady thing :0 many lols!

      Thanks Welbot.

      Would it be arrogant of me to say that I did the same thing, except down at Woden (shopping centre)? Whatever the case, I got a lot of weird looks, although, only about 20% more than average.

    Congrats Blaghman!
    The song was so good I went back and listened to it again :P

      Cheers, but don't listen to it too many times, I've found that it gets worse after repeat listens (to my ears anyway).

    You better be smart
    You better not cry
    Better not pout
    I'm telling you why
    Mark Serrels is giving Kudos
    He's making a list
    And checking it twice;
    Gonna find out What is your vice
    Mark Serrels is giving Kudos
    He sees you when you're posting
    He knows when you're a fake
    He knows if you've been spamming crap
    So be good for goodness sake!
    O! You better watch out!
    You better not cry
    Better not pout
    I'm telling you why
    Mark Serrels is giving Kudos

    Ehhh, it was the best I could do... (it's Santa Claus is coming to town, for those who don't realise)

    I guess I just like Mariah Carey (I know she didn't write it, but she did a version, so good enough for me)

    Congrats Blaghman! Only just saw this page this morning (Weird...), sorry for it being late friend :)

    I know I'm super late, but I just listened to this for the first time and all I have to say is... Blaghman, marry me!

      I'm sure that could be arranged. At the very least I could do with an autographed picture. :D

      And yes, I am looking at this page a week after it was posted...

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