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This is the first time I've ever had writer's block writing Community Kudos - mainly because the community has had its best week yet, and I honestly don't know where to start.

Every morning I come into the office, I look over at Elly and I say, man Talk Amongst Yourself has hit 500/700/900/1000/1200 comments and she always asks, "what the hell are they talking about in there?"

Where do I begin...

- Might and Magic - Making up songs - Recording your own songs - Might and Magic stuff - That Doritos game competition - Playing 'Guess Your Post' number games - Spamming towards the 1000 post mark like the longest, weirdest New Year's countdown ever - Making awesome t-shirts - Starting and then running your own competitions - Creating what seems like our very own Kotaku dating site...

Have I missed anything?

So when it actually came to talking about who deserved Community Kudos this week, I honestly started to freak out a bit. So much went on last week that I'm bound to forget something. There was Welbot for kicking off the Might and Magic stuff, Tadmod for recording his song, Chuloopa for making an awesome t-shirt and managing to sell a couple, Mr Explody for running his own comps within TAY, FatShady doing his Doritos stuff... etc, etc.

I honestly feel like the entire community deserves the Kudos this week. Everyone deserves a pat on the back.

Sigh... look, I'm going to give it to Mr Explody - but only because every other person mentioned has either had a Community Kudos prize, or has one on the way.

If I've gotten anything completely wrong, or stupidly forgotten anyone, let me know in the comments. This has been by far the largest and best week ever, so I'm totally willing to admit that I may have stupidly forgotten someone. If I have, I'll make sure to sort them out next week.

Thanks again, and have an awesome weekend everyone!

P.S. I'm still working on autographed pics from Elly for next week's Community Kudos. She remains unconvinced.


    CONGRATS EXPLODY! Well deserved! :D

      Also, sorry to rain in on the parade. I just checked the mail and I got one of my prizes, and I love it!

      Golden sun! The only thing that I don't like about it is that I don't have a DS... XD

      Will there be a competition where the prize is a DS? I've got my fingers crossed :D

      Thanks anyways, Mark! :D

        Shit dude. I was sure I heard you talking about a DS in a post somewhere. We'll get something sorted!

          Ahahaha. I was. I was talking about buying a 3DS the second it comes out. I am SOOOO freaking keen for it :D

          But dw about it man, it wasn't your fault ;)

            Wanna swap for a Halo Legends DVD and a cople 40k books in my shelf? lol

        Ooh, ooh...Golden Sun?! I want that! Wanna trade? Maybe I have something you need....

          Actually, yeah, trade it with Strange if you're going to trade with anyone :)
          She'll get more use/enjoyment out of it then me, and much sooner :D

    Make it seem less creepy - get a group photo with at least you, Elly and Seamus and print a draw-full just to hand out with Community Kudos prizes. Everyone can autograph it!

    Apart from that, this was an awesome week - I'm so proud of us all and Mr Explody was very deserving. Well done to everyone :')

    What an excellent way to wrap up an awesome week. Awesome TAY and congratulations to Mr Explody, who will now accumulate more crap, which he was trying to do the opposite with him giving away stuff.

    As usual, awesome tags Mark :)

      The ironing is delicious.

        Mmmmmm ironing...

    Congrats Mr Explody!

    Wow, Thanks Guys!

    With such a monumentous week in the Kotaku AU community I really do feel honoured.

    I will start the competition on Monday's TAY. I'm actually really looking forward to it, but I need more tangible ideas!

    I don't see anything wrong in giving kudos to people who have already received it. Although now that I have one, that may sound bad. I suppose what I'm saying is it's because of people like Chuloopa, TadMod, FatShady, Welbot, etc.. that really make this community great, and drive further shannanigans and conversation from the rest of us.

    Incidentally, do I get a signed pic of Elly aswell?

      Oh and Mark, Mark does a good job too.

      Even if he does look like Simon Pegg...

      Nice work mate, well done too and your awesome!! YES, you should get an Elly signed pic. Probably not of the Bonds Undie Ad style that loopsy wants, maybe a grade 6 school photo version????

      Thats not it?

        I think that might be a little creepy, but only because of what our society has become. Also, if Mr Explody gets one, then I'm going to petition Mark to send me one.

        Because I am just that weird (and too lazy to do anything good for the community for a while).

        It most certainly is.
        And thats why it's good that Q is back :D

          Whats weird is if I asked for the grade six pic and a cucumber coated in nutella... I meant just in the hahahaha you thought you were getting a hottie pic of Elly, but then kaaaapowww! you get stuck with a goofy outta date hairstyle, strawberry milk stain on shirt, braces, one red-eye and the other shut type photo which is what I seem to get for my ridiculous amount of money I pay every damn flipping year!!

          I will also just throw this out there. But damn, is "Elly" just the most cutest name for a girl ever!!???

      congrats explody!! This really has been one hell of a week.
      I think Mark might have got the bit about tadmod recording his song confused though? Unless I missed it.. I think Blaghman was the one who recorded his singing ;) Of course, I'm only going off my tired brain/memory, so I could be wrong too :0
      Anyway, what an epic week! HOORAY FOR KOTAKU! Totally made of WIN!

    Yay, congrats explody! The name indeed fits the picture.

    Awesome!!! Well done Explody!!!

    That is so awesome and so well deserved!!

    I still vote for elly to be dressed like she's in a bonds ad! :D

    Also, i'm really glad i didn't win Kudos this week, because winning it for my shirt i would just feel horrible, i mean i made money from that (THANK YOU GUYS!!), and the other guys did all their stuff for nothing.

    You guys rock my boat and i love you all!

    Congrats again, splody

      +1000 for Bonds Ad Elly
      (Twitter pic is hawt!!!!!) :D

    Wow, what a week!!
    Congrats to all!!!!
    Wish my suggestion to mark had taken off, but oh well......
    And i got "It was a good TAY" in the tags.
    My own personal equivalent of Community Kudos. :D
    And we get to do it all again next week!

    Yay, congratulations Mr Explody!

    On a not-related-to-our-generous-winner note, Mark, was I supposed to shoot you an email after my win from last week, or should I just continue derping about?

    Yep awesome week. Congrats splody.

    Hehe splody in iPhone predictive text is spliff!

    I do hope that people do chip in for postage. I'm sure the regulars will.

      +1 for splodies!!!

    Congrats Mr Explody! Bloody awesome week, over 1000 comments! Still can't believe it even seeing it with my own eyes. Makes me so proud to be among you all :)

    I wonder when will I be able to come up with something deserving of community kudos...

      i dunno if he's shit the kudos prize overseas.. could be expensive.. migth have to wait til you get back ;)

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