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Folks, It's been another great week here at Kotaku towers. I've been run off my feet working on some stuff that you'll hopefully be reading next week, but I've still managed to just about keep up with the flurry of posts we've seen in the comments section! Awesome work everyone.

Talk Amongst Yourselves wasn't quite as insane as it was last week - probably because Tadmod was writing up his university work! But it was still incredible - with awesome comps running through Mr Explody and FatShady - and Jimu Hsien with his constantly evolving username. In fact I think Jimu posted more than anyone else on Kotaku this week. He's a machine. Or you might say a Mu-Hsien? (I'm so, so sorry.)

The biggest surprise for me this week was the incredible response to the Ghost Trick competition, I did not see that coming! There were so many incredible entries and it was easily the most difficult competition to judge since I've been here. Awesome job dudes.

Chuloopa was the ultimate winner - but felt so bad about winning when he already had a DS that he started trying to think of ways that he could donate his old one to someone else. A typically awesome gesture from one of the nicest members of this community!

But ultimately the Community Kudos prize had to go to Braycen Jackwitz for his awesome Kotaku Wars videos, even though he spelt "website" wrong!

Congrats Braycen, and I'll catch all next week!



    Oh yeah... Not a fan of the movie but the Kotaku rip off was awesome.. I had to watrch on my iphone at work and had my boss standing over my shoulder without me seeing him... oops. I then tried to explain it and that didn't work.

    Good job mate. Well deserved.

      I never read tags. That is awesome. I will put up a tutorial next week for that level.

    Nice work Braycen, they were fun videos.

    aww i thought Domino and I had a real shot with our Intellectual Property argument :D

    well done dudes who won :)

    Congrats to Braycen, well deserved.
    Loops is awesome but that's old news.
    And yay for the prolific Jimu Hsien for getting a mention for being all over TAY this week!
    Thought peace with veejeez was kinda cool to :D

      LOL just saw tags. Didn't think you noticed Mark!!

        I swear I'm the king of mentions. When I finally win something one day, somewhere, somehow I am going to be in disbelief!

        PS Thanks for alerting me to the tag humour...I always miss it!

    Yeah it was cool. I wasn't even upset that I wasn't in it. Nope, not me...

      You were the title of one of the movies, doosche!

        Oh relly? I didn't get around to seeing most of it x_x

        I'm going back now... sorry Braycen! Yay, so awesome!

    W00! well deserved win indeed! That had Joan and I in stiches! Really classic stuff!

    Awesome job mate! Great to see it go out to a deserving winner :D Cheers!

    Nice job, enjoyed the videos.

    Haha well done braycen!
    I'll be releasing a Kotaku Wars tee in colaboration with Bray next week!

    No one bought any of my kotaku tees this week :(

    That's ok - everyone, don't buy a tee until i start "Fatshadyaid" to get him a ds (or rather, my DS) lol

    Thanks, everyone. BTW, how many different usernames did you make Jimu? :P

    Oh yeah, Chuloopa's making Kotaku Wars tees, should be up by monday :D
    All proceeds go to the "Help Braycen Get an iPad" and "DS for FatShady" foundations. :D

    Hsien is pronounced's a real name(not mine).

    Congrats Braycen, looking forward to the prequel trilogy!

    Was the first week I've tried actively participating in TAY. Don't know how you regulars manage it. I can't keep up with all the posts.

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