Community Kudos

I always dread writing Community Kudos, because I find it difficult to choose just one person from the laundry list of awesome commentators that frequent Kotaku every day. And also because when I think about how great you guys are... I get a little teary. [sob]

I apologise for keeping things short this week, but I have to rush off to Game Jam - which kicks off at six - and I'm bound to get lost on the way.

As always there have been some stand out posters - Jimu Hsien seems to have settled on 'Jimu Hsien, Magic Cowboy Detective' for his username. And I approve. There was a late nomination for FatShady and, getting a little personal, he also took the time to make a totally awesome guide video for Trials HD's final level for me, and it totally worked! Thanks again man!

But this weeks winner is Ambrose IV - who has been posting up a storm this week, and was nominated by the Magic Cowboy Detective himself. Congrats to Ambrose IV!

Thanks everyone - and have an awesome weekend!



    congrats ambrose! well deserved win indeed! you have been a busy boy this week! :)

    Awesome work once again. Congrats AmbroseIV. A good dood all round.


    No.. no way... D:

    This is some cruel joke, you're teasing me, right?'s not...? You promise?! Aww... I love youse guys, this is the best place ever :')

    Nice. Well deserved.

    Well done, Ambrose!
    Well deserved! :D

    You'll prolly never see this cos I is postin so late but, congratumalations!!!

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