Community Review: Back To The Future: The Game

Community Review: Back To The Future: The Game

Community Review: Back To The Future: The GameWho doesn’t love Back to the Future? Honestly. If you don’t like Back to the Future there’s something genetically wrong with your mind. You’re the problem! As a result of this scientific fact, I had been heartily looking forward to Telltale’s Back to the Future: The Game. Bizarrely, as of today, I have yet to buy the first episode – so what’s the go people who have played through it – is it worth playing? Does it do a decent job of maintaining the legacy of the movies?

There seems to have been mixed reviews – especially from Luke Plunkett, who didn’t seem to enjoy the game at all. But I enjoyed Telltale Games’ reboot of the Monkey Island series, and felt they did a solid job of rejuvenating Sam and Max. In short I have a great tolerance for old school adventure, and a deep nostalgia for the movies that may override any minor flaws Back to the Future: The Game may have. Will I enjoy it?

Anyway – this is the place for you guys to discuss what you think of Back to the Future: The Game!


  • Straight from a fan of both the films and telltale – the game is the shiznit. It does do a fairly good job of keeping the legacy and the puzzles are good enough to keep a telltale vet occupied while also being accessible enough for new players. The story so far has
    me hooked and I await the next eps with anticipation. So yea, as I said. The shiznit

  • I felt overall it was a good first episode but the puzzles were a little easy, it was short and there was not much to do. But it did have a great story and a great VO cast, which being a BTTF fan was enough for me.

  • Also the dude doing marty’s voice acting deserves an award or something because I couldn’t tell the differrence 😛

  • Everyone talks about the Marty Voice actor. Yes, his audition tape is good. In the game? No? He does a passable (at best) impression of Michael J Fox but it takes more than that to make Marty McFly.

    I haven’t finished the episode yet but so far the game has been enjoyable but BttF has so much potential as a game and it just isn’t being utilised here. I have to break Doc Brown out of jail by getting his younger self to build me a drill (Powered by alcohol for some weird reason)when I have a fully functioning DeLorean time machine. Why don’t I zip forward in time, get some sort of cutting tool, zoom back and free the Doc? That way I don’t have to talk to anyone and risk unsettling the balance of time… right? To cap it all off, they didn’t even get Thomas F Wilson back to play Biff and his replacement just doesn’t cut it.

    At one point in the game I got to choose the alias I went by. I ignored the obvious 30’s ganster name of Michael Corleone and went with Harry Callahan (Inceeping with the Clint Eastwood thing) but later on Marty introduces himself as Michael Corleone anyway. Why give me the choice?

    In summary, fun but it could have been so much more. Bob Gale

      • Yeah, but I always thought that BttF had an incredible script. The two of them kinda story boarded the story, but Gale seemed like he actually wrote the scripts themselves. Probably Gale’s involvement was minimal.

  • Just a question, I remember when I bought Poker Night not long ago, and went to a website to enter a code, that said we would get free acess to the 1sat Episode. I really want to play the game but have not received the 1st episode yet. Has anyone else done this and received the game yet? I dont want to buy the whole set if I am getting the 1st ep for free. Looks tang though.

  • Not a bad game, but i didnt feel it did BTTF justice. It felt way to juvenile to me. Considering alot of the people that are going to buy this game are mid 20’s adults (usual fans of the series) i would liked something closer to the storyline of the films, either a prequel, or continuing after bttf 3. The new ghostbusters game i felt did a really good job at creating a new believable story, whilst having nostalgia references for fans.

  • I enjoyed it. It has been years since I’ve played an adventure game, and I finished it in two sittings.

    The puzzles are quite easy, especially with the hint system. But then it is better than some of the old Lucasarts and Sierra games that were easy to get stuck in, and you often had to consulate FAQs.

    For the price it is for a season ($25) and the amount of time one episode out of 5 took, I think it is good value.

  • I think Kotaku is being harsh, I really enjoyed it. The texturing is better than the monkey island game, I bet universal put a bigger budget than lucasarts did, but I still enjoyed the new monkey island game as well.

    It’s fun, I think people over analyse what’s what when something’s fanbase is so loyal and huge. If you are a fan I’d say its really worth a look.

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