Community Review: Dead Space 2

Don't get me wrong, being married is great, but it does have its downsides. The major one in this case being that I still haven't had the chance to get started on Dead Space 2, despite having it in my possession for the past week and a half. Some of you guys would have played it over the weekend - what did you think?

So far I've only heard good things - Visceral appear to have expanded the gameplay without sacrificing the core atmosphere of the original. I was worried about Dead Space 2, mainly because I was such a huge fan - the seamless HUD, the fantastic universe, the smart writing. Dead Space felt like more than a shlock horror video game - it felt like a good piece of science fiction.

So, minus spoilers if you can, let us know what you thought of Dead Space 2 in the comments below.


    I'm only up to chapter 3 but so far its very, very good. It already seems so much more epic than the first. the start will wow you, and i found the second chapter to have a different feel to what i was expecting, probably due to where it is set and what is happening around you. Can't wait to get back into it :)

      I'm loving it - though can only really handle short bursts with headphones on, it really is that hectic. Once thing I'm finding - and I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else - is how often it reminds me of Bioshock. Walking around a decaying structure, screams and noises in the distance and just recently I walked a set of kids toy stalls playing fairground music - eerily reminiscent of the Circus of Values...

    Im up to chapter 9, and so far I pretty enthralled.

    However, I agree with the common sentiment that it isn't particularly scary, just really atmospheric, which is fine.

    The majority of the 'scares' are the monster closets which were so widely hated in Doom 3, I don't understand why they are being tolerated more here. It ruins atmosphere instantly when you shine your torch into the hole the monster just burst out of only to find that it goes nowhere.

    Overall though it's still really fun and gory as hell, and I'm finding it pretty challenging on survivalist difficulty. The uncharted-style action sequences have been cool too. Haven't tried MP yet.

      but in a game like this where one can actually fight back monster closets are the only real way to get scares i really dont get what everyones issue with them was.

      Same as why cant i have a gun and a torch, because if you could see everything theres not much point to the dark and dangy enviroment we've made to create the atmosphere

    I'm only about an hour or 2 in after 4 days (I'm married too) but so far its great.

    I know that a lot of people say it relies too much on surprise “jump out from a wall and yell boo!! scares, but I think it’s the atmosphere they create that allows these types of scares to work effectively.

    One bit of advice, and this may be just because of the dlc but I feel a little overpowered. Its survival horror but so far its a little easy which makes it more of an action game.
    I’d recommend playing a level up on what you normally play but then again maybe its just warming up as I’m only an hour or so in...

    If you can't get to it Mark... I'll play it for you.

    I've been sitting near the door all morning waiting for my copy to turn up (the delivery guy lives 5 houses away :o )... but he never delivers stuff to me after 11am.

    Oh well, tomorrow... I hope >_<

    Haven't quite finished it yet (at chapter 12).
    It's pretty much just more action-based this time around. Which in my opinion is good, since neither game was particularly scary.
    It feels much less precise this time, though. Enemies are a lot faster and so you're far more reliant on stasis and twitch-shooting than precision dismemberment. The Plasma Cutter being a lot weaker this time around doesn't help.
    The environments are much more varied now, which is great, but the missions are rather lacklustre. Dead Space 1 at least gave you a reason for all the detours you had to take, and specific objectives in each chapter. 2 just forces you along detour after detour with something like 7 or 8 chapters just being detours on the way to a specific area.

    It feels like a tradeoff. They've made it more of an action game and in some ways the gameplay is improved and in others it's weaker. Giving Isaac a (generic) personality is a good thing, but the story isn't half as interesting as the first game's was.
    Let's hope the last few chapters can change my mind about that.

      Thanks for the honest review. So is there less purpose in the sequel? What I liked about DS1 was how you constantly have to get to places to fix the ship. The sense of satisfaction (then disappointment) was what made the game for me.

    Its awesome although i have ony played the first 30mins or so but im absolutely loving it so far.

    Yeah I'm probably only a few hours in, but loving it so far. One of the things I'm enjoying most compared to the first is the different locations, the first one felt like you were always covering the same ground, but this one has a different location through every door.

    It feels like they are leaning more towards "turn a corner and something jumps at you" type of scares then the first, but thats not to take anything away from the atmosphere that really builds just before that jump. Just when you think you've made it through and all is safe.... BAM something will suprise you :P

    Really enjoying it, but just need to get the missus to stop squealing everytime something jumps, I think that scares me more then the actual game!

      Im at the end boss, and for those of you who havent played this game yet, its thoroughly lacking in imagination, the final boss is just plain disappointing. Shit, actually. Not like the Hive-mind...

      This game isnt nearly as consistent as the first,the original had much thicker slabs of action and felt more engrossing, this one seems to stammer back and forth between zero gravity areas which are in fact improved (movement wise) but there are NO enemies in them.Lost opportunities.

      The graphics are far improved this time around, a varied palate overall. But it still falls short of what could of been. There is STILL more chances for Psychological Horror-but it's left untouched on the whole, or vastly under-utilized(Nurseries, Kindergartens and Personal Quarters).Also, what few new enemies there are, are vastly disappointing, was Ben Wanat on Vacation during the making of this game? So much more could have beeen done with new foes. But......Visceral didnt bother.

      I guess what really leaves me cold here, is the shooting mechanic of the game showed great promise in the first, but it's basically untouched here apart from the Impale-an-enemy-with a limb feature which is really cool. The secondary fire is really improved on some weapons, but what about being able to rip a Necromorph's limb off while he is still alive, and then fire it at him (no, not shoot it off). What about using Kinesis to smash a Necromorph into a wall, or fire a full Necromorph at others, causing them harm, perhaps depriving them of limbs, but they're still coming?? Cant keep playing shoot shoot here, think of something original, Visceral-what about weakening foes by burning them first, then conserving ammo by shooting them after, using less than when they were'nt burned? Use the Gray matter, Visceral.

      Visceral had the chance to take DS2 to the next level here, sadly......they havent. They've just made a good game (not exceptional like the first) which is highly playable and enjoyable, but it could have been taken further. How? More effective Melee options would have been nice, though this is a shooter. Kinesis damage from ANY random object would have been marvellous. Better bosses (are there any REAL bosses in this game at all?).Perhaps more environmental options to do away with baddies, instead of..3... Vacuum triggers.

      A Good game. But not great at all. A Money grabber that looks great is about it,Visceral are playing on the success of the original and undeservedly here. What gets me most, is the potential for Visceral to really push this game through as a classic. But they havent bothered. They've come up with a good, but unoriginal game that could have been an all time classic with the right touches. It does look nice, and it plays well largely, but have Visceral stepped up to the plate and pushed it? No. They played it safe and hoped you wouldnt notice. No dice there, Visceral.

      6.5 out of 10 Necromorph carcasses.

    I regret finishing it so quickly looking back.
    It felt slightly tedious and boring towards the end, and I just wanted to get it over with.
    The first 5 hours were amazing though, and hopefully it is not forgetten when people talk about Game of the Year in 11 months.

      Veejee, havent seen you in TAY


    Its only about 10hrs long, and can probably be done in one sitting due the linear nature of the game.
    In my opinion its not as good as the first game and really does lack much of the white-knuckle challenges that the first one had in spades.

    The levels are graphically well done, but it all becomes the same after a while. After the first few chapters are done, theres really no more surprises as far as the mechanics of the game go.

    Onto the next game....

    Possibly the best sound design of any game out there at the moment. Want to show off your 5.1 setup? This game and its predecessor are the the games to do it with.

    Playing the waiting game at the moment, even though I preordered to get the CE. Waiting for the mail...

    I am loving it also. Up to Chapter 6, and whilst I didn't play the first one, I think it is an amazingly well polished game so far.

    Not scaring me a much as FEAR first did, but I think that is due me growing up, not the game itself. Seems like it has a really nice balance between action and horror going on, I want to leave work right now and go play some more...

    Married here too, but got in a hire of it.

    Yes, like others have said, VERY linear. I felt like just moving from room A to room B then to room C, etc, etc. If I ran out of inventory I had to make a call on what to leave behind and what to take as a lot of areas do not allow backtracking. Just expect to run-and-gun in this game.

    Isaac looks badass this time around, which seems what Visceral were aiming for.

    I only reached chapter 2 (I can't tell when a chapter ends until I save) when my PS3 crashed halfway through a firefight!
    I have played and completed the original, but this version left me with a lot of failed expectations. Overall a very good looking game with some excellent lighting, esp the use of the visor lighting...

    This game did not have me on edge anywhere near as much as the original, and since you are much more mobile and combat capable you don't feel as vulnerable.

    Overall, still a fun game, just developed to be more accessible to mainstream. Not a new buy for me, rental again if desperate or when it hits bargain bin.

    Did anyone play through Hardcore mode yet, to get the "Hand Cannon".

    Hardest Setting with only 3 saves for the game, fair effort.

    I'm loving it so far, but It's hard to find time to play it. To the person who said it was a 10 hour game and very easy, what difficulty are you playing it on? I'm playing not the hardest (not counting hardcore), and I've been caught up a few times.

    I usually take my time with games but I was determined to churn through this over the weekend to prevent it going on the pile of shame.

    I loved it, a few cheap deaths here and there but on the whole a brilliant game. The Zero-G sections were the most fun even though I'd get disoriented, and the switch to more action hasn't ruined the atmosphere.

    I've finished it twice already and got to chapter 9 on hardcore this morning, where a bomb arm necro proceeded to sneak up from behind and ruin my playthrough. Honestly I was worried I'd overhyped it but it is definately a solid game. The story is amazing

    Question? I'm stuck in Chapter 5 where you require to find two batteries to unlock the Worker's Quadrant". Problem is I've searched everywhere and can't find the damn batteries.

    Can somebody help? Much appreciated

    Sorry, I forgot to mention I'm playing the iPhone version. BTW, it's the first time I've played "Dead Space" and I must say I found the story line, graphics and audio effects quite impressive.

    If you're playing the PC version, prepare to be kicked in the jibblies. There are a fair number of people who are unable to finish the game due to bugs preventing any further progress. Also, EA has already said that there will be no DLC for the PC version. Also, the multiplayer is pretty meh. Overall, if you want to play Dead Space 2, play it on the PS3 or 360.

      I don't understand how there could be progression blockers in a major title like this! Look at the QA list, there would be close to 100 testers working on the game, and not 1 of them found it? Terrible.

    Anybody have thoughts on the multiplayer? I'm saving my money for Bulletstorm (and to get the GoW3 beta) but I want to know if it's anything like AC: Brotherhood's, which is to say, an add-on.

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