Community Review: LittleBigPlanet 2

I can't be the only person who loved simply playing through the single player levels in the original LittleBigPlanet with my friends, can I? I cracked the seal on my copy of LittleBigPlanet on Friday night and, more than the community levels, more than the new create tools, I simply couldn't wait to see what Media Molecule had conjured up in the single player section.

With the original, I had so much fun just blasting through levels with my family - it was only once I had exhausted that area that I started heading online to check out some of the user-created levels, and I usually did that by myself. Thankfully, amongst the bluster and bombast of the new create tools, Media Molecule has still found the time to cater to players like me, who simply enjoy the fun of a well designed platform level.

LittleBigPlanet 2 is one of the few games (alongside Pikmin and PixelJunk Monsters for some reason) I can convince my wife to play - and she was genuinely excited to check out LittleBigPlanet 2. The good news is that the team has only improved in their ability to create incredible experiences using their own tools. Accessible, fun, and perfectly pitched - LittleBigPlanet 2 might not quite be on the level of, say, New Super Mario Bros. Wii when it comes to design, but it's as close as dammit.

And, of course, it's only one facet of what is becoming an increasingly unmissable package for PlayStation owners. The early word on LittleBigPlanet 2 is that Media Molecule has done a much better job of helping players share and rate their own created content, which is great news considering that it was something the team struggled with in the early stages of LittleBigPlanet 1.

But what about you guys? Anyone spend the weekend playing LittleBigPlanet 2? What did you guys think?


    All I've done so far is played the single player (still got a couple of stages left to go to finish it), and what's really struck me is how much better the single player levels are compared to LBP2. A combination of more flexible tools allowing them to provide a lot more variety and I guess just Media Molecule having had a couple of years to hone their level design skills. It actually feels like a really fun, fully-formed platform game first and foremost, rather than something that's just there to act as a means of gathering new bits and pieces to then use in your own creations which is what some parts of the original seemed like.

    I'm still not sure how much creating I'll end up doing myself - I'll wait until I've tried the tutorials to see what it's like, but after seeing what MM did themselves, I'm definitely excited to see what the really good designers in the community can come up with this time around.

    Finished the sp, I felt lbp1 had a better campaign IMO . There's some neat things in there but I felt that the levels were more lookers than actual level design when compared to the original,

    Maybe I just want the wild west and that back

    Haven't had a tinker with the tools and what not because I didn't want to wait for the Psn update to download

    Also I hate the grabber since it doesn't seem to swing manually which lead to a lot of jumping to get some velocity to swing up to get the prizes that lay above

    Also mobile kotaku down???

    The SP levels in LBP1 were *goddamn frustrating* after a while. I probably spent weeks on that damn section of the level with the rotating wheels and grabbable versus non-grabbable sections.

    And I was having such a perfectly fun time leading up to that too. What?

    Holy difficulty curve, Batman!

    Still waiting for my copy to arrive from ... curse my frugal bones.

    Got lots of levels queued up on tho

    The single player was good but slightly difficult (not to mention impossible to find everything).

    What made LittleBigPlanet 2 a failure for me was the online - all of my games are split like this - request timed out took 20% of games, infinite loading bar glitch 5%, people not giving me permission to join their game, 75%. Horrible idea to allow people to reject you. Wrecked the whole game for me.

      Horrible idea to reject people?

      The game has you connected at all times, so you can see what friends are doing and or playing which is a given with alot of games now, but a reject option isn't any problem at all.

      Seeing as the game is new, perhaps your friends wanted to play the campaign in single player for the first time.

      There are others that would find it just as rude to simply jump into their game without asking first also.

        A) I have barely any friends on my friendslist. So that's no option.

        B) There's an option to say "play by myself". If someone wanted to play by themself instead of rejecting people, they could pick that.

    Almost everything about this game is better than the original. However I do agree with BlueMaxima that allowing people to reject you has created a rather negative vibe when trying to play with others online. That friendly attitude of the original seems to have dwindled and quite frankly it's annoying to be stuck on your own when your intention is to play with others.

    It's so much better. Maybe it's just the fact that it's more colourful and seems more upbeat, but it seems so much more awesome than LBP1 :)

    My only complaint is that today I got hit with the online glitch were it loads forever and I got out of it by doing the controller workaround but it would then go back to the loading after a second so it took forever to get out that.
    i think i'll leave online multiplayer alone until that's fixed.

    also i really wanted to make a level but i still suck at that ha ha ha.

    I've been trying out LBP, LBP on PSP, and I finally bought LBP2, but I still can't understand why people like it so much. The controls just feel slow, floaty and imprecise.

    Do you get items that make the controls more accurate, or are there ways to tweak it? Perhaps I'm playing this wrong?

      Nope, that's the physics in the game, there is nothing that can be done in the main game... That's where most people find out if they like or hate it... it's just how they designed it.

      In LBP2 though, they added gravity controls for the users levels, so you find that jumping can become 'less floaty' IF the person who made the level turned up the gravity.

      So even though there will be some 'heaviness' to the jumps, the precision will remain the same.

    Played a few hours with a mate on campaign. Was awesome fun. I can't speak for online, haven't played it yet, but the campaign is very much improved over the original and i'm only up to the second boss.

    The grappling hook I found difficult at first but it grew on me and now I love it (those annoying spinning levels on LBP1 would have been so much better if it had this). Levels are simply epic, one of the bonus levels started with the usual camera view then switched simultaneously to a top down view for racing. A lot of tweaks like that seem to be added to the tool editor. Can't wait to see what the community makes with it this time.

    All up, my first impression is a very worthy sequel. The issues with 'floaty controls' is a love/hate relationship, I don't mind them, though I see why some people hate them.

    Lastly, without spoilers, first boss is awesome.

    It for me is way better than lbp1.

    The graphics are much more realistic than in the original but still retain the art style of the series.

    The campaign is way better and much more varied. The bonus missions are where I am having the most fun at the moment!

    I bought the US version and was disappointed that I couldn't use my AU costumes even though they showed up in the customize menu! But other than that, I like it so far.

    I like the floaty feel.

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