Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Hits Xbox 360 On Jan 25

Starting January 25, Xbox 360 gold members will be able to check out a Crysis 2 muttiplayer demo. The demo will include the Skyline map and two game modes: Team Instant Action and Crash Site. The first is essentially team death match, the second has you fighting for control of alien drop pods. No word on a demo for other platforms.


    I'm so conflicted on deciding to buy Crysis 2 or Bulletstorm... And now this great opportunity comes up. I loved the original crysis and it's expansive sandbox campaign, along with an awesome modding community. I just hope this sequel delivers with the cryengine 3 (not much has been said about the sandbox editor 3) and it's "new choreographed sanbox"...

      why not get both :)
      thats what i shall be doing....once i get a job that is :C

    Things that I will ban and put people up against the wall for when I seize power #237:

    Multiplayer-only demos. They make me NOT want to buy the game.

      Make sure #238 will be platform exclusive demos.

      How come - the demo of Transformers War for Cybertron was enough to convince me of a purchase, I think a demo should try to sell the best aspect of a game, if that's the multiplayer then good :)

      I have to disagree, but only for certain situations.

      For example, for a game that is predominately focused on multiplayer (say, a Call of Duty game), would you prefer to get a demo of the single player, or of the multiplayer portion of the game? I'd personally prefer a multiplayer demo.

    What are the requirements for entry into the beta?

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