Dead Or Alive Dimensions' 3DS Trailer

Venerable fighting series Dead or Alive will get its shot at the 3DS with Dead or Alive: Dimensions. Here is the five-minute trailer for the game shown at the Nintendo World event for the 3DS.

I don't speak Japanese, but I can make out the control system - a stylus selects certain combos from the touch screen - and it sounds like you'll be able to pick a fight with someone locally, or globally, via the Wi-Fi connection.


    I think there's only one kind of dimensions people are thinking about in Dead or Alive. Hoohooheyhey.



    That was one tough rope bridge.. I mean all those rounds from a Gattling Gun before it finally broke.. wow...
    See this is EXACTLY what they mean when people today say "They don't make 'em like they used to!"

    I am the biggest n00b at fighting games, I am not excited at all for this title. lol

    Everyone knows that well balanced people only enjoy fighting games when playing against others while drunk or high(the second part is important).

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