Dead Space Mixes It Up With Battlefield Heroes

Dead Space Mixes It Up With Battlefield Heroes

EA’s free-to-play online Battlefield Heroes game is filled with players running about in ridiculous outfits they’ve cobbled together out of scraps. Nothing a healthy injection of Dead Space 2 shouldn’t cure.

These two new outfits for Battlefield Heroes allow players on either side of the conflict to transform themselves into sleek and sexy cartoon representations of characters from the Dead Space universe. The Royals get the Titan Security set, which the Nationals can opt to purchase the black and red CEC Advanced uniform set. Both outfits come with jet packs to add that extra spring to your step.

Of course these lovely suits aren’t free. Scoring one normally runs 2830 Battlefunds (a little more than $US20), but EA has them on sale right now for 1750, which is something like $US12 in real-world money. That seems a little steep to me, but if folks are willing to pay the price, more power to them.

It’s just a pity that players can’t shoot off each other’s limbs.

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