Demo Of Rock Band 3's Guitar Adaptor, Mad Catz Apology

The hardware that can turn real instruments, from guitars to drums to keyboards, into Rock Band 3 controllers arrived a little later than some rhythm game fans were hoping for. And Mad Catz is sorry about that.

The Wii and PlayStation 3 versions of the Rock Band 3 MIDI Pro adaptor are now available for your rocking pleasure, with the Xbox 360 version coming soon. It was real and working at this weekend's Consumer Electronics Show, a device that Mad Catz's Alex Verrey and crew demonstrated using the Fender Stratocaster and a Roland MIDI keyboard.

If you're in the market for either a Rock Band 3 MIDI Pro adaptor and/or an apology from Mad Catz, watch the video below.


    I'm so glad I didn't go down that route. I have a RB3 keyboard and pro guitar sitting at home gathering dust but at least that option was cheaper than buying the adapters plus compatible instruments!

    stop covering the damn mic with your hand! cant hear shit

      i agree. i'm getting sick of these reviews and there lack of clear audio just cause someone is an incapable twit.

    So where can I buy a PS3 midi adapter in Australia...?

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