Did This Guy Make This Game Sound Better?

New Sound Design For Wipeout HD from Jim McGowan on Vimeo.

Jim McGowan studies sound and music for video games at a school in England. He figured he’d test his skills by trying to improve the sound effects in WipEout HD. Listen to the results.

First, we’ve got Jim’s version of the sound effects in the PlayStation 3 racing game. He recommends that you listen with stereo headphones. I do too.

He writes:

I’ve been working on car racing game audio a lot recently, and I was interested in exploring sound for a futuristic racing game where the vehicles are closer to spacecraft than cars. I was looking to capture the sensation of speed that a fast engine sound in a ‘regular’ racing game creates and transfer this to a science fiction context where the sound design would be less believable if the vehicle sounded too similar to a car.

Second, listen to how the game actually sounds via the source clip he used from GameTrailers.

McGowan’s version does sound pretty cool. Whether it is too cool is another story. Perhaps his would be more overwhelming and distracting to the player? An interesting experiment nonetheless.

McGowan also re-did sounds for BattleStar Galactica, but you’ll have to go to his blog for that. Warning: he re-did sounds for the climactic scene from the recent series’ finale. Spoilers and such.

New Sound Design For Wipeout HD [Bleeps and Pops]


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