Do You Think Halo: Reach Is Severely Lacking In Dinosaurs?

Do You Think Halo: Reach Is Severely Lacking In Dinosaurs?

Then perhaps you’ll find the game Orion: Prelude of interest. It combines Tribes and Counter-Strike influence with a feature few sci-fi shooters are brave enough to include: Tyrannosaurus rex. Perhaps you’ll be interested enough to fund it.

The developers of Orion: Prelude, a multiplayer shoot ’em up that includes familiar space soldier armour, but also includes jet packs and dinosaurs, are hoping you’ll financially support their game. They plan to bring Orion Prelude to Steam, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, but first need to fund a multiplayer beta and “bring a polished build to this years Game Developer Conference.”

Orion Prelude’s development team, Spiral Game Studios, name-check some multiplayer greats in their pitch for the shooter: Quake II, Counter-Strike, Starsiege: Tribes, Unreal Tournament (’99). But if you don’t know those games, think Halo: Reach meets Jurassic Park.

Spiral has started a Kickstarter funding project if you’d like to see Orion Prelude made. Watch the trailer – but prepare for some overused Inception music – to see if this is your cup of tea.

ORION Prelude [Kickstarter]


  • Every game is severely lacking in dinosaurs.

    Halo Reach, it’d be better with dinosaurs.
    Dead Rising 2, it’d be better with undead dinosaurs.
    Need for Speed/GT5 would be better with dinosaurs.
    Turok, would be better with more dinosaurs.

  • but will this match up to UT2004 played with the mutators that not only give you jetpacks, but also spawn hordes of NPC velociraptors and T-rexes around any map? (making vehicles even more important elements on the battlefield – you don’t know fear until you see a T-rex and three raptors bearing down on you in the final, critical seconds of a node capture)

      • I’m not sure since it’s been a while, but it might have been an early build of Jurassic Rage. I think there’s a version for UT3 as well, though I haven’t tried that version since I never knew about the update back when I did play UT3.

        Insofar as jetpacks are concerned, that should be an easy enough google search since there would be several floating around. The better of them usually replace gravboot pickups or the like and actually stick a jetpack on the player model as well.

        If you’re feeling really crazy and still on UT2004 (don’t think anyone did this for UT3) you could even hunt down that mod that turned all the vehicles into transformers – and not from the TV series either – they actually split and animated parts from the original models as far as I can tell and made transforming versions of the UT vehicles!

  • Ha, and people thought the dogs in Call of Duty were bad…

    Seriously though, the game looks great. Can’t wait to take down a T-Rex 😛

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