Dress Like You Mean To Survive A Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

Thank you, Jai Norman, for this incredible costume, which well and truly brings those badass Rangers of Fallout's New California Republic to life.

The armour is hand-cut out of foam, the mask is assembled out of pieces of plastic and even the coat was sewn together. Handy work.

Then again, in the dark, desolate deserts of the future, there are no seamstresses and no mask shops, so these are handy skills to have!

You can check out the complete journal of the costume's build here, and Jai's deviantArt page can be found here.


    Bloody spectacular.

    That's pretty impressive. It was a shame that there was no easy way (or should I say legitimate way) to get this armour in NEW VEGAS - it looks awesome.

    You know what you should do? You should make a working PIP-Boy 3000A so that when I get crippled I can just administer a stimpak to my leg and not go to the doctor.

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