DSi XL And Ghost Trick – A Winner Is YOU

DSi XL And Ghost Trick – A Winner Is YOU

DSi XL And Ghost Trick – A Winner Is YOUThis was one of the most difficult competitions I’ve had to judge – mainly due to the ridiculous volume of entries, but also because of the quality. When I go through these things I usually rustle it down to a shortlist. This time the shortlist had 25 posts. Choosing the final five was very, very difficult. But anyway – down to business. The winners are…

1st Place – A DSi XL and copy of Ghost Trick


I’d come back as the Master for Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.
I would then ‘accidentally’ set myself on fire.

A noble and selfless death, for the good of man.

The Four Runners Up


If I could come back as an inanimate object, I’d come back as Nicole Kidman’s face.

FatShady MBA

A bucket. I think that as my job is to stop people from dying, when they try to kick me i’ll just move out of the way!. Problem solved.

Mr Explody

I like being a Smart Phone. I just sit here in her handbag waiting for the chance to talk to her. Sometimes it gets dark and lonely, but I make friends with the other items in there.

Well hey there Tampons! I got an item in my calendar that says you’re going on a trip next week! I like it when the tampons go on holidays, she tends to talk to me more. Laying out all her issues. I’m a real good listener, but sometimes I like to talk.

Well hey there Owner! Wanna play some Angry Birds?

I love it when she plays Angry Birds on me.
Slide, Flick, Slide, Flick.
It sends chills up my AmoLEDs…

When she puts me back the bag I don’t mind… I know I’ll be by her at night, waiting to wake her up when she wants me to. Sometimes I wake her up just a little too early so she’ll touch me and remind me I’m important.

Alex Cullinan

I’d return to this world as John Romero’s mullet.

There were genuinely so many good entries – but I simply had to choose the ones I made me laugh the most. Congrats to all the winners, and if you’ve got a sec you should go and check out all the other entries in the comments section here. Winners get in touch with me at the usual address


    • Was the master an inanimate object? Sounds suspiciously like a person to me!
      Also sounds suspisciouly like a Dr Who villain.

      PLease note: Sorry choopoo I just dont know what is going on here!

    • Chuloopa becomes the original master reel for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He sets himself on fire before release, henceforth sparing us all from that hideous excuse for a movie.

      • Yeah. What Mark said.

        A master is basically what all other copies are made of – no master, no film.

        I didn’t mean master as in a person lol.

        • And yeah, Fatshadies was absolute gold. I loved it to bits.

          Also, Mr. Explodies has me giggling like a maniac.

          I feel kinda bad winning against those in a way.. but still really excited.
          I’ve never even touched a DSi, let alone an XL…

    • Thanks for thinking of me mate. Appreciate you asking as I didn’t get it either(not that I had an issue).

      You win some and lose some. And some you get runner up. And some you don’t even enter. Then there are others that you didn’t hear about. Then others they dint even get organized.

      You see what I mean? I don’t.

  • Holy crap… i’m shaking…
    Oh god.. oh god… oh god…

    what more can i say than thank you? this is just so amazing!
    thank you so much!

    oh god i’m shaking and smiling and i have to drive home…

    If you guys make me crash…

    Oh god!!!


  • Chuloopa, always taking one for the team 😛

    Nice job everyone, better than my poorly thought out Cheesecake attempt. No, wait, I stand by that.

  • Loops, truly a man for the people. *wipes away tear*

    Also, who’s Raymond Salim, and why does my Firefox say I’m logged in as him?



    But seriously, Congrats Chulpa!

    @Mark: Is there a plan for a 3ds comp? I really want one! xD

  • Congrats to everyone. It was a fun comp. I always struggle with a comp that actually has so much freedom. Not only could we be any object but we really didn’t have to do any specific task.

    So happy that I got runner up.

    Question: when will the next Comp with a DS as a prize be running. I need a DS! Lol.

  • Congratulations all.

    Although what was with all the ‘Nicole Kidman’s face’ entries? TadMod’s entry made me laugh. But the stream of entries with exactly the same joke, which followed his, sure did confuse me. Have I missed some sort of meme?

    • Actually, funilly enough i thought of the exact same joke and was going to post it, until i saw tadmods entry.. and all the ones that followed.

      But tad did get in first and it is good for a chuckle:)

      It’s not so much a meme, but there is a general consensus that Nicole Kidman’s acting tends to lack emotion conveyed from her facial features.

  • damn i chose the exact same as tadmod, not sure if i picked it up subconsciously from scanning other peoples answers or just came up with the same idea haha.congratz

  • Thank you Kotaku for putting me onto Ghost Trick. I’m a huge fan of the Ace Attorney series yet I’ve never heard of Ghost Trick until this week :/

    I’ll have it very soon though, play-asia shipped it the same night that I ordered it 🙂

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