Duke Nukem Forever Has A Release Date


    I'm moving to New Zealand if DNF gets banned/censored here...

    I don't even care anymore - its time has been and gone, I reckon. I'm willing to be proved wrong - if the reviews are really something special I'll take a look, but otherwise there are more than enough shooters around this year without this one.

      I agree, Duke Nukem used to be a parody in a time of testosterone filled action films of crazy proportions. It was great then, but now, people just won't get it and it'll just be seen as 'another vulgar vidya game' which will need to be kept out of the hands of our impressionable youth, wont anyone think of the children?!?! ;)

        So because all the testosterone filled action is in video games rather than movies, people won't get it?

        Seriously, it didn't disappear it just shifted. Look at Gears of War, God of War or any random fighting or wrestling game.

        It's being released now because, despite all the vapour and uncertainty, Duke has become a legend.

        I, for one, am looking forward to this because whether it's an old-school fps or a revolutionary new take, the team behind it will do it justice.

      I think we can all agree you suck.

    Am...Am I dead?

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