Epic Mickey Shifts 1.3 Million Units In The US

Epic Mickey Shifts 1.3 Million Units In The US

Epic Mickey Shifts 1.3 Million Units In The USWow. We did not see that coming. Reports are confirming that, despite some middling reviews, Epic Mickey has solid over 1.3 million units in the US, becoming one of the most successful 3rd party Wii games in recent history.

Previous high-profile third party titles had struggled on Wii, such as Dead Space: Extraction and Red Steel 2, and we suspected that Epic Mickey may have found it difficult – but it seems to have surpassed all expectations.

We think it’s great – Epic Mickey was almost like the last big shot for third party titles on the Wii. If a game with the gargantuan Mickey Mouse license behind it couldn’t sell on Wii, almost nothing outside of first party titles, it seems, would be able to shift units.

Congrats to Junction Point Studios – we’re glad that an ambitious, well-made third party effort was the one to pull it off.


  • It’s good news for third-party games but for a project that started off ambitious and finished a game that didn’t really deliver on many promises… they’re probably lucky because, I dare suggest, it mightn’t deserve that success.

  • Well I love the game so its good to see that its selling well. My 6 kids have also enjoyed playing it, even the youngest who is only 2.

  • Is it that hard to expect that a Mickey game would sell?

    Families bought the Wii – Families sometimes include children – children and Families both like Disney most times ……

    • Yes/No…

      In the past, games starring Mickey have been pretty awful, and this one is probably the best ever, but even then it’s still not a must have.

      If that image in the article was the cover art and factor in the darker tone of the game, I really don’t think it would have done as well as it did.

      The actual cover art was pretty tame and it’s looks to be simply a case of oblivious parents seeing “Mickey with a paint brush” and thinking that little Jimmy and Jenny would like that for Christmas!

      • I seem to recall Castle and World of Illusion being pretty awesome on the Master System and Mega Drive… but that could just be the mists of time clouding my memories?

        But that was the best part of 20 years ago anyway, so he just may not have appeared in any good games *recently*.

      • Really? Castle and World of Illusion were pretty solid, as was Mickey Mania. Fantasia wasn’t bad, and while he hasn’t been the main character in any of the Kingdom Hearts titles, his appearances in *most* of the games have been pretty memorable.

        Sure, I’m sure there’s been some pretty crappy Mickey titles out there. But his batting average is actually pretty good.

  • My daughter got this game…
    She’s a huge Kingdom Hearts addict and, though this game isn’t anything to do with Square Enix, it fits into her current mindset.

    There’s a market in the right age group for a Disney game that isn’t just kiddie “Pooh Bear Learns to Count” stuff.

  • That’s good news – though I’m kind of taken aback that people expect things like Red Steel or Dead Space to sell on the Wii – I reckon 80% of all Wii’s have been bought for kids, my 7YO – all his school friends have Wii’s – he’s one of the few with a 360 in his house!

    The console’s audience is kids, make good games that are suitable for kids and by gum, they’ll sell!

    • Well pretty much all the CoD games have sold over a million and Goldeneye looks like it has a chance at 2 million. Also HotD games have sold in the one million mark so I think there’s definitely an audience for mature titles. I think Dead Space was just uninspiring. As for Red Steel 2 I can’t explain maybe wrong place wrong time.

      • the issue with Dead space extraction was that it really only was inviting to anyone who had played the original on the ps3 360 pc, and then most people would have been turned off by A) light gun B) graphics downgrade

      • Wow – I figured Goldeneye would do well but I didn’t know the COD games did numbers in the millions, that’s good – they certainly do a good job of emulating the experience on the HD consoles.

        House of the Dead has always been touted as a big seller, but it’s a brand that’s been out there for sometime. Whereas Dead Space is relatively unknown.

        If the COD games sold well then I have no explaination why Red Steel 2 didn’t sell cuz it looks good.

        It must amuse Ubisoft that their big AAA Wii title bombs while el cheapo waggling like Just Dance and the Michael Jackson exp (I seriously hope the Kinect version is better) sells in the multiple millions

  • Awesome game, I think it totally deserves its sales. I wouldn’t say it’s “the same” as a Mario game, but in many respects it has the same level of polish (some camera problems aside).

    • It will be interesting to see if Disney goes “Well this game sold well because we told Warren to hold back, let’s do more of the same” or if they go “Hey maybe Warren was onto something, go for your life in the sequel”

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