Fable Creator Honoured With Lifetime Achievement Award

Fable Creator Honoured With Lifetime Achievement Award

Much more than the creator of fable, Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux was behind everything from classic god game Populous to the light-hearted simulator Theme Park. These achievements and more will be honored at the Game Developers Choice Awards during GDC 2011.

Kotaku will be there on Wednesday, March 2, in San Francisco, when the esteemed developer steps on stage to join the ranks of game industry talent honoured by their peers with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Molyneux has been creating games since 1982, when he distributed his early creations on floppy discs. Since then he helped found Bullfrog Studios of Syndicate fame, and created Black & White for his new Lionhead Studios, paying the game’s $US6 million development cost on his own.

“Peter is a remarkable asset to the games industry, and truly embodies everything that the Lifetime Achievement Award represents,” said Meggan Scavio, event director of GDC. “We’re proud to honour someone who has had such a profound impact on the industry, through his boundless enthusiasm and profound talent in creating games about choice and interactivity that the entire world loves to play.”

Double Fine’s Tim Schafer will once again be hosting the event this year, so expect to be entertained during Kotaku’s annual live coverage of the awards show and all things GDC starting late next month.


    • Yeah! He never follows thru with all the “Amazing” ideas.

      Life time acheivement for being the game maker most like a politician?

  • An amazing achievement and an incredible career. Say what you want about him personally, he’s got a resume that any game developer would kill for.

  • Good on him!
    I really enjoyed:

    Populous (all three),
    Magic Carpet and
    Dungeon Keeper 2

    Of course, he’s been really involved in a bunch of other stuff, but these are the only games that I’ve played from Bullfrog, and I loved them all 🙂

  • The lifetime award for biggest con man in gaming history, WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE THIS GUY? HE LIES!!!!

    I remember all the things he promised for black and white, the game making the news and me buying it on release date, only to install it and notice 90% of the stuff he said would be in the game well after the game had been finished was simply not in the game. He said he had ideas that could not be put in the game afterwards but you can promise ‘ideas’ when the game is still in development, not after the final product is ready for shipping when you should know what is or isn’t in the game, talking like he is a friend of someone working on it, building it up to friends with second hand sounding info and not being the leading producer, ergo – liar!!
    Fable he makes out he is the first one to introduce concepts that other games had already done, and done better and people on these things always come to his defense.


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