Fight Night Champion Starts Your Career With A Big Loss

From what I can tell in this video, here's how Andre Bishop's fight career ended up in the crapper: Someone told him to take a dive and he didn't. When the muscle showed up, someone got shot. (NSFW language.)

That's Champion Mode, EA Sports' first crack at putting a narrative into a sports game. Its subject matter and language are probably the biggest reason the title will be rated M, because I don't think Teddy Atlas and Joe Tessitore are dropping F-bombs during your regular bouts.

Fight Night Champion arrives March 1.


    That looks crap, so what this looks like is the career mode is going to force me not to be able to custom make a boxer that looks like me? Less choice always makes thing more fun. I can see what they are trying to do but I'll pass. Plus last years game sucked, you could land hundreds of punches as I remember with one fight and the game's boxer landed a few counter punches, yet I took more damage?
    Boxing has just had it's day, MMA is the new way!

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