Finally, The Censored Duke Nukem Forever Trailer

Duke Nukem Forever has a launch date. May 3. And now you all can finally see the trailer I saw of the game in September - just with some of the breasts pixelated.

Plus, it's got a Duke Xbox controller, sorta.

Duke Nukem Forever, which is now being made by Gearbox Software, has been in development for upwards of a decade. It's being brought across the finish line by Gearbox and a team of creators who had worked on the long-awaited first-person shooter at 3D Realms.

This trailer had been shown at the Penny Arcade Expo in September, when the game made its playable debut. But the word was, at the time, that it was way too extreme to be shown to the public. You can probably figure out why.


    I just want to play it now... Looks awesome.

    Brings back some good memories. Can't wait!

    something tells me we won't be getting this in australia.

    Epic win for ball bag punching! Haha! +1

    There's no way this is gonna get an uncensored release in Australia... but I did just order Risen off the net, I might actually do that for this if a lame version of it does come out here.

      I really don't see how DNF could get through un-censored. I am already ready to import the game either way anyway. Cheaper and uncensored.

      I think it will... The OFLC is bitchy about violence against humans but Duke Nukem Forever is mostly against aliens, Splatterhouse got through and thats probably the most violent game to get passed and Dantes Inferno and Heavy Rain all had nudity and they got through unedited.

      I think there is a good chance of seeing DNF uncut.

      Same here, just Like Left 4 Dead 2.

      Censored here, un-censored everywhere else.

    Talk about your bad box art.

      Oh my god that's horrific. Please tell me they're changing it.

    Wow, i can't believe that this got through to Australia un-censored. Bribe the board much? lol

    HAH! Love the constant jibs at the release of this game...

    But seriously, something doesn't feel "Duke" about this. Scrap the entire thing, and use a newer gaming engine. Redesign it all. That *should* fix it.

    Censored? Did you NOT see the MASSIVE font for the word "F**KING" in "WE'RE F**KING BRINGING IT"?

    That was awesome.

    Am I the only who really really really hates Duke's voice actor? The guy sounds so stupid that it's actually painful to hear him speak.

      Yes, you are the only one :P

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