First Look At A Jurassic Park Game That Looks Pretty Good

Welcome... to Jurassic Park's best bet for a quality video game. Its developer promises "the ultimate cinematic adventure", and judging by first shots of the new video game, it will be the prettiest Jurassic Park's adventure yet.

Game Informer has a first look at Telltale Games' Jurassic Park, which is not just "another dinosaur shooting game" according to its developer, but a story-driven game that takes inspiration from PlayStation 3 adventure Heavy Rain for its storytelling mechanics.

Jurassic Park [Game Informer]


    I am glad telltale is taking a different approach to Jurassic Park then it did BTTF, in that it looks realistic and that they are experimenting with the gameplay.

    As long as I can be "The Tall Guy" and talk about Chaos Theory , I will be a happy camper.

      Ian Malcolm?

      Dr Ian Malcom you mean (Jeff Goldbloom)

      Well colour yourself sad, because it says that main characters from the films (like Ian Malcolm) won't even be turning up.

    The last Jurassic Park game I played was the one on the SNES. I didn't even know someone was making another Juarassic Park game till I saw this post. I can't wait. I love Dinosaurs and Jurassic Park is my favourite movie.

      Even though SNES was the better console, JP on the MegaDrive was better.

    Wow. The JP movies/books are my absolute favourite. I haven't played a good JP game since Operation Genesis on the original xbox. Hopefully this turns out great.

    "Jurassic Park’s best bet for a quality video game"

    Nobody played the Mega Drive versions?

      The SNES one was great and so was Trespasser for Windows.

      I paid $120 back in the early 90's for that gem... never did finish it without using cheats. :(

        I finished the MD as Raptor...couldn't figure how to kill the end boss as Grant...or was that the other way around?

    i can't.... wait for them.... to showcase their Jeff... Goldblum dialogue... engine.

      You ser win the intarwebz...or at least this page!

    Is it me or is that T-Rex head WAY too big?

      2 words: per spective

      The bigger the dinosaur the better.

      It does look a little too big for the body, it may also just be the picture.

    @Wickhmar I didn't realise you were just chilling with the Dinosaurs a few million years ago... I'm pretty sure they can design a T-rex whose head is proportionate to its body.

    The question is, can they create a Jurassic Park game that is as good as it is Dino-filled.

    Did anyone ever play Dinocrisis? Now that shit was gooooooood!

    I loved the books, and the movies were pretty good, so I'm keen for this. The books, however flawed in terms of character development and stuff, just had a way better and more in depth story. Let's hope they keep all the stuff where they destroy the hidden raptor nests. Way cool!!

    I though Jurassic Park had quite a few good games, The Mega Drive II game, The Lost World light gun game at arcades, and Operation Genesis on last generation consoles. Better then most other Movie/Book based IP.

    well, looks ok..... but why can't i play as a velociraptor with a gatling gun and a jetpack?

    Isn't this industry already flooded with 'cinematic adventures'?
    Ergh, You know what I would like to see? A Jarrasic Park sneaking game that is purely that would be hardcore- creeping past the dinosaurs, using stealth and the environment to hide your scent and noise. I would buy that game.

    Can't wait to see this game! I love it when something is graphically amazing!

    they should make a Jurassic Park theme park game, So you create your park, then guests come. then some fat guy turns off all the security off in the park. and then the game turns into a FPS and have to shoot your way through the park saving guests.


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