First Look Of The New Spider-Man

First Look Of The New Spider-Man

The spectacular Spider-Man is swinging back to movie theatres in 2012, this time with actor Andrew Garfield donning the spider suit and (500) Days of Summer director Mark Webb in the director’s chair.

And Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions developer Beenox may be handling development duties on a video game adaptation of the next film. Publisher Activision said today that the Quebec City-based studio would be the “primary developer” on upcoming titles published by the house of Guitar Hero and Call of Duty.

Garfield’s Spidey looks a little leaner, perhaps a little meaner, than the Toby Maguire version of the friendly neighbourhood crime fighter in this publicity still released by Sony. See it in spectacular size below.



  • Yeah, I so totally belive petey whipped that up on his Aunt May’s sewing machine at home.

    Without the mask it’s hard to give judgement but I hope this doesn’t signal a continuation of Raimi’s continual unmasking of Spider-Man. By the third film there were about 10 people who didn’t know what Spider-man looked like and they were all in comas.

    • Raimi wasn’t too bad (even though the 3rd movie was), but after dumping him I’m most depressed that we won’t see Bruce Campbell in it – as I recall they were talking him up for a major role.

      …a role which without, the world is worse off 🙁

      • I too vote for moar Bruce Campbell.

        For some reason I find myself totally disinterested in this movie, despite the fact that I like Andrew Garfield, and I enjoyed 500 Days Of Summer.

        • Bruce was underused in Raimi’s trilogy. I remember when he was first announce to be directing everyone was talking about Bruce playing the Green Goblin.

          But we all have “Bruce vs. Frankenstein” to look forward to. I assume th emovie title alludes to the monstor and it won’t just be a film about Bruce Campbell beating up Victor Frankenstein.

          I’ll give the movie a go but after NPH’s performance in Shattered Dimensions why would anyone bother to try and be Spidey? They cannot compete.

  • I don’t think I can forgive them for what they did to Venom, but I will probably still check this out. The actor doesn’t look to bad, though I don’t know if he can live up to Toby Maguire.

    Any word on the plot? Was there a rumour it might have the Vulture in it? He wasn’t bad in the comics but I don’t think such a simple villain will work as well for a film.

    • Tobey played a good Peter but his Spider-Man was awful. Where were the quips? the jokes? The personality that makes Spider-Man who he is?

      And the movie has Rhys Ifans as Dr Curt Conners AKA The Lizard as it’s primary villain.

      • It would be nice to see the Lizard, as from memory I’m pretty sure they already introduced the character a couple of times as one of the professors.

        I don’t know if I can fault Toby Maguire for the personality of Spiderman, he probably could have done more with it, but they really should have more of it written into the script.

          • NPH would be pretty awesome, speaking of which, I wonder if they’ve started filming the sequel to Dr Horrible yet.

  • Like Nolan did with The Dark Knight, the only way to make this a good super hero movie is to forget it’s ‘Spiderman’ and just write a good story. And for the love of god, i hope they drop the romantic themes and love triangles.

    • Thats also what they did with every bad adaptation you can think of.

      ALso, Funny how TDK closely follows the Long Halloween Arc and has themes from The Killing Joke

  • I like it, it’s a lot more different than Raimi’s more traditional look but there’s something about this particular design that screams wow. Also notice the lump on his wrist? Probably going back to home-made webshooters! :O

  • Sorry but Garfield looks more depressing and serious than Tobey.

    The first 2 Spiderman movies are probably the best comic book film adaptions. Whilst some key moments of the comic were or have been missed, we all know how Spiderman is born, we don’t need to see it again.

    The reboot hopefully takes a direction where they assume the viewers KNOW who Spiderman is, how he becomes the superhero and just tells his story from then on. Similar to how this upcoming Superman film sees to be panning out.

    I’m over reboots though – why reboot something when the last film was a commercial success? Are they all worried cause The Dark Knight was critically and commercially successful, so much it grossed a billion dollars? The Dark Knight is no comic book film anyway, a crime film featuring a comic book character randomly.

    Spider 1 and 2 are prime examples of producing an action film with the feel of a comic book. The direction and musical score to the change of scenes plays out like a comic book. Superman Returns is played out in a similar way and that movie is way underrated.

    In the end, its being made and will be released. Guess we have to wait to see how it turns out!

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