Gamers Hack Medical Centre - Host A Game Of Black Ops

The health of your local citizens should be your priority - unless of course you have a hankering for a quick game of Black Ops. Then it goes down the list a little.

Apparently a New Hampshire-based Seacoast Radiology noticed a massive loss of bandwidth, after a group of gamers hacked into the medical group's server in order to host some Call of Duty Black Ops games. A thorough investigation is currently underway. It's unclear at this stage how long these folks were playing for, but apparently the hackers did nothing but play Call of Duty!

House does not approve of this message.

Gamers raid medical server to host Call of Duty via Gizmodo


    Hacking a hospital for free bandwidth?

    I guess their clan

    *puts on glasses*

    were short on medics.

      [slow clap]tm

        And then a steady increase of other clapping, getting faster before exploding into a crescendo of slapping meat.

      You, Sir, just won the thread!

      HAHAHAHAHA this just about made my day XD

      Don't you write for CSI: Miami in your sparetime anyway?

    Yeah, not cool. Though I wonder if the hackers knew it was a Radiology server or if it was considerred just another server on their botnet.

    Time to own some n00bs... STAT!

    I wonder if cod slander changes based on servers..

    "yeah boiii - let me write you a prescription for 100ccs of dead fag-jew-negro-woman-man-child!!"

    My degree allows me to work in radiology (not as a doctor, but all they actually do is decide on the treatment and boss people around - I'd be the brains behind it all!) when I graduate, and I must say the prospect of mooching off a workplace server seems quite enticing...

    ...don't worry, I'll drop hints as to where I end up working so you can stay away >_>

    I'm sure the nurses are just trying to hide that it was them.

    This is the best story yet, you have just made my day kotaku. hahaha

      I call wall hacks.

        I call Second chance.

    were they patients or just randoms

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