GameStop Starts Absurd Pie-In-The-Sky NGP Price Guessing


    I suspect they have got $999.99 set as placeholder price to cover their asses comewhatmay. As opposed to actually predicting that the unit will cost that.

    Thats my guess/prediction.

    They'll sell you a used on for 995 and they'll sell you one for 950 if you give them a Psp all your games and your soul :P

      Solid post. Would read again.

        it's all about increasing pages views and impressions for their shitty ads

        but adblock takes care of that :p

    love placeholder prices... but let's play along and suggest that this IS the price... that would effectively put the price around the ~AU$1650-$1700 mark...


    In saying that though, if the unit was FREE on a $69 per month for 24 months, then I would be all over it.

      You would pay $1656 for a NGP? Wowsers...

        If that would cover ALL data downloaded via 3G? Then, yes...

        Telco companies rip us off as it is, so I doubt that any plan would even come close to that in the first place.

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