Get A Good, Dark Look At The Newest Silent Hill

The eight major entry in the Silent Hill series will be called Silent Hill: Downpour, a game that looks as dark and dreary as its ever been. This time, however, prepare to be constantly on edge and endlessly moist.

Silent Hill: Downpour stars convict Murphy Pendleton, unlucky enough to be on the run in the haunted town of Silent Hill. The game known formerly as Silent Hill 8 is in the hands of developer Vatra Games, with a score provided by new composer Daniel Licht of Dexter fame.

If you've already picked up a copy of Game Informer, the following screens won't be so new to you. But if you're not much of a magazine person, all-new Silent Hill: Downpour screens await you.

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    *Wipes tear from eye*

    Please, please, please don't make this game suck!

    Bit harsh with no Akira Yamaoka.

      I <3 Akira Yamaoka! His music and sound made the series what it is.

    A few of those shots look exactly like Alan Wake.
    Can't really be a bad thing.

      Prison costume is looking very Vault 101

      Good to see you veejee
      Sloppy kiss for you!

    did anyone else think leon kennedy from resident evil 4 when they saw these?

      Now that you mention it...

    Sonic cycle, but in Silent Hill form. *Hopes raised and fingers crossed*


    my god its back!

    Why do these games always make the guys look like such pansies with wanker hair-styles?
    Theres so many badass actors out there, why don't they reference someone who is cool.
    Josh Brolin
    Jason Stathem
    Clint Eastwood
    Jack Nicolson
    Michael Bein
    Jeff Bridges

      I get the feeling that it's not cool factor they are after. It seems like they want someone you can care about, like Harry Mason.


      A horror game isn't meant to make you feel like a musclebound ass-kicking badass that can slaughter the legions of hell whilst having swarms of barely-clad women begging for the privelige of giving you... ahem... oral gratification.

      A horror game is meant to make you feel frightened. Powerless. Alone. Near-defenseless. Weak.

      In brief, if you just want to be badass, go play Gears Of War and wish you were Fenix.

      If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy a disturbing atmosphere that screws with your head and may mentally scar you for life, play a Silent Hill game.

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