Go 'Beyond Black Mesa' With This Great Half-Life Fan Film

A group of hardcore Half-Life fans with a pretty good camera, 1200 bucks and years of their lives have completed their short film Beyond Black Mesa, a tribute to Valve's dystopian sci-fi shooter.

If you've seen the trailer, you know what to expect. Explosions. Attractive members of the resistance. It has so much more too: Half-Life gun sounds, Combine soldiers getting their skulls crushed with crowbars and the return of Opposing Force protagonist Adrian Shephard. Twelve minutes of Half-Life inspired action will make the wait for Half-Life 2: Episode Three go by so much quicker.

Beyond Black Mesa [YouTube - Thanks Tom!]


    awesome, that was really good and really well done. Hope valve sees this. Only criticism is the start of the fight scene with the combine and the main dude. The combine does a bit of a twirl and brings out a sword and then the other guy was spinning on his hand, didnt like that bit. Rest of the fight scene was good, just the twirls were wierd

    That was well done. Some of the small time stuff done by amateurs is usually more enjoyable than the big time stuff.

    Although in the credits it said it was dedicated to the lady who played the only female character in it, did she die? =/

      She's the directors Girlfriend, hence the dedication.

    now that was awesome

    Aperture science! :P

    very very cool.

    Love the XMA towards the end there. Gotta love it when fan made fight scenes are done really well.

    Very nicely made and very engaging to watch. All the independently made movies seem to get more coverage as opposed to a big budget blockbuster.

    That's what I like about these movies, they can be done cheaper than the big guys, better than the big guys and more enjoyable and more accurate than the big guys.

    Most excellent. I liked that there was no talking - only the voiceover. It kept a strong Half Life feel to it.

    The fight scene was a little over the top, but cool.


    That was really good :) Definitely up there with Escape From City 17. Very cool.

    I just wish that we, the legion of HL2 fanatics, weren't forced to spend thousands of dollars and years of our lives devoted to continuing a story that Valve have left hanging. Seriously, if we don't get some word about Half Life: Episode 3 (or Half Life 3, whatever it's become) by the end of 2011, I'm going to... write a strongly worded letter to Gabe Newell. Then I might cry for a bit.

    Either that, or stop day-dreaming about The Great Lost Sequel and make a fan film like everyone else ;)

    Pretty cool stuff. But I'm with Virus, I dodn't like the matrix style fighting at the end. And what was with the zombie type people? Where they meant to be the people with the head crabs on them? Still a great fucking effort for $1200.

    I like the scene with the enemy dudes, 1 peeing against the wall lol

    3 things:

    1. AWESOME!

    2. wouldve liked the headcrab zombie to actually BE headcrab zombies, not just zombies.

    3. do the combines eyes actually go red when they die? i cant remember...

    Zombies........ hmmmm..... Left 4 Dead maybe...... Warning Infected Area.... cmon how did no one else notice that?! They seemed to be bringing all of Valves IPs together which was awesome, only thing missing was a Heavy in the back ground noming away!

    Fat Asian Kid FTW

    Surprised he didn't get eaten by the zombies... that would've been so cliched.

    Great fan-film; can't wait for Ep3

    Not bad. Production values were super high, especially for a fan-made film. Sound was great, effects were well done, ending was surprisingly non-cheesy. Acting left a little something to be desired and the zombies weren't necessary, but all in all a damn good short film.

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