Google Yanks GameStop's Arcade App From Android Market

Kongregate Arcade, the Flash game app released earlier today for Android, has been pulled from the service's online marketplace. Why? Kongregate owner GameStop doesn't know, nor is Google saying. But all hope is not yet lost...

"Tens of thousands of users successfully downloaded the new app but, due to unknown reasons, Google has pulled it from the Market," GameStop said in a statement today. According to Kongregate's official Twitter account, the company is "working with Google to restore access in the Market."

For now, interested Android gamers can grab the Kongregate Arcade app from Kongregate itself.

We've reached out to Google to see what's up. And we're feeling lucky that we'll get a response.


    Oh, great, is Google the new Apple?

      In some ways, this would not be a bad thing....

      Increased quality control is an App Store feature I would *pay* for.

      More quality control can only be a good thing

    Oh the irony, I went to click the link in the article, and chrome tried to tell me the page could not be found, a refresh fixed it though.

    I just told my friend to get the app and then it was gone. hmmm. Funny how no one is saying why thou.

      Probably found a security hole in the app now tens of thousands of users are fudged and they dunno what to say :o

      That's my guess, anyhow.

        Well the games look like there's nothing to be thrilled about anyway.

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