Graffiti Brings Sega’s Fallen Hero Back To Life

Graffiti Brings Sega’s Fallen Hero Back To Life

Console artist Ozcan – whose work we’ve featured before – certainly knows the way to pull at a Sega fan’s heartstrings with this glorious custom Dreamcast.

Apparently a woman bought the console second-hand at a market, and seeing as the machine was in such a poor state felt like it needed – no, deserved – a second lease on life.

So Ozcan, as he does for a living, painted it in an amazing Jet Set Radio livery, nailing both the colour and the vibrancy of what for many (this writer included) feel was the Dreamcast’s finest hour. Being a game about graffiti, it’s also kind of poignant seeing it decorating a plain, grey console like this.

[Custom DREAMCAST “JET SET RADIO”, via GameSetWatch]



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