Grateful Dead’s Facebook Game Takes Shakedown Street Online

Grateful Dead’s Facebook Game Takes Shakedown Street Online

I don’t speak for Jerry Garcia but it’s probably a good thing the Grateful Dead’s frontman died in 1995, because only over his dead body could one reasonably imagine someone spouting corporate bullshit like this in his name.

“We want a Deadhead Uncle to be able to buy a Grateful Dead Games gift card at Target to give to his nephew who will redeem the credits and special privileges in the game,” said Adam Blumenthal of Curious Sense, the developer behind a fully licensed Grateful Dead game coming to Facebook, the band’s website, and mobile platforms.

The Dead’s likenesses, recordings, artwork, photography and video will all be a part of this enterprise, reports Rolling Stone. “The Grateful Dead is one of two or three perfect bands for this kind of multi-channel game experience,” Blumenthal said.

Curious Sense’s last gig? Making a game for REO Speedwagon. Perfect fit.

Weird But True: Grateful Dead Video Game Coming [Rolling Stone, image from Wikipedia]


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